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In the United States, a burglary occurs about every 18 seconds. And if you add it up, you’ll find that the number of burglaries per hour is close to 200. Keeping your home and your family safe has never been so important.

When it comes to your family, you’ve probably got a pretty good idea of how to ensure everyone’s safety to the best of your ability. But what about your house? Where do you start?

To that question, we offer a few words: start with outdoor lighting.

Want to know how you can improve the security of your home using lighting? Look no further than this post.

With Outdoor Lighting, Burglars Are Easy to See

And what do burglars want least? To be seen, of course! If you install outdoor lighting, you’ll improve the security of your home and deter burglars and thieves from trying to enter it.

You can start with adding lights above the doorways outside of your house. These will make it easy for you to spot who is trying to enter. Adding lights above your doorways will also help to steer criminals away from your property since they know they’ll be seen as soon as they walk up.

And if you want to provide more security for your family, friends, or neighbors who may be in your driveway, adding a to your house facing the driveway is a great place to start. Not only will everyone feel more confident when walking into the house, but you’ll have a better view of who’s on your property, too.

Be sure to use a motion detector for each of these lights, though. Why? If you leave your lights on all the time, it will become obvious to the burglars and thieves in your area that you’re just trying to scare them off. After all, no one is home all of the time – so why would your lights need to be on 24/7?

Improve Safety With Outdoor Lighting

Another way that outdoor lighting can benefit you and your family’s home is by improving safety overall.

Adding lights to your property and its perimeter makes it easier for your loved ones to see where they’re going – meaning there will be fewer hazards in their path. Literally!

Thanks to improved lighting conditions, Grandma won’t trip over your doorstep on her way out of your front door. And if you add solar-powered lights to your walkway, she’ll be able to see everything clear as day. You go, Grandma!

But what about maintaining your lighting? That’s easy, too. Just follow our 5 tips, and you’ll have no problem.

Find the Right Lighting for Your Property

Whether you want to increase the safety and security of your home or simply decorate for a party, we have all of your lighting needs covered. Come check us out – we offer several different services depending on your needs and have done some interesting other projects in the area, too!

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