outdoor pool lighting

Now that the weather is hot, it’s time to use that pool.

Whether you need to repair outdoor pool lighting or are looking for new lighting, there are a few things you should consider.

Great lighting can create a lovely mood, make everything seem soothing and romantic and also adds a safety element, as well.

Here are a few things to consider when installing lights around the pool.

Installing Outdoor Pool Lighting

If your pool gets a lot of use, you want to make the whole space friendly and usable.

1. Safety

You need to keep in mind the dangers of water and electricity. If you need to have a lot of work done to get them installed, call an electrician. Even if there are partial or older lighting fixtures, always consult a professional.

You can get injured or cause a fire and other damage. If you are starting from scratch or upgrading, consult a licensed electrician.

2. Type of Lights

Do you want the lights in the ground up on poles shining down at the pool or upwards to the trees? There are different types of lights and styles you can choose from.


These are likely the most popular lights. They are energy efficient, bright and come in many colors and varieties. They last a long time and provide a softer light than some types of bulbs, although many of the older types are no longer available.


Halogen lights are brighter than LED lights, but they do provide great, clear lighting and may be good for a particularly dark area.

Solar Lights

Solar lights are great as they need only the sun to charge. They can store up a log of power to be saved for when you need it. Many solar lamps come with LED bulbs, which makes them energy efficient and cost-effective.

3. Cost

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to achieve a great look with your pool lights. As long as they do their job you can keep within your budget. It’s surprisingly easy to find the perfect lighting and still have money for a few pool toys.

4. Ease

Unless you are planning on having major landscaping or excavation done, don’t just do it for the lights. Keep in mind there may be a lot of work involved to install new wiring and water and electrical currents don’t mix.

Going overhead is another alternative to ripping up the grass or walkway. This is where you talk to your electrician for the best, easiest and cost-effective method.

Light Up

The right lighting can really showcase your yard, your pool, and your personality. Spend more time in your outdoor space because it’s just too beautiful to leave. From an evening relax to a pool party, you will be the hit of the block.

Great lights can make or break your backyard. Outdoor pool lighting is the perfect touch to provide beautiful lights and safety.

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