Pathway lights can be beautiful, but there are dozens to choose from. These are our suggestions for pathway lighting designs to brighten up your home.

Light is one of those things that we humans really can’t do without. Just ask anyone who lives in the Pacific Northwest – there’s a reason everyone in Washington has those vitamin D lights, and why they all take supplements like it’s going out of style. Good light is important to both our physical and mental health – which is why it’s equally important to make sure your humble abode is designed with the right lighting for your space and your style.

Pathway lights are especially beautiful and inviting. There is something about a walkway made of glowing lamps that just makes passersby think of friendly people waiting inside the house. But just like any kind of home decor, there are dozens of different pathway lighting designs to choose from. How can you be sure you’re picking a style that fits your house?

Here are a few design ideas to consider when you’re looking to create that lovely lit-up pathway.

Fairy Lights

Do you want to create a whimsical atmosphere for your home? Consider lining your pathway with small light globes stuck into the ground on either side of your walk. Or, for an even more magical feeling, try buying or building an arbor strung with white Christmas lights. Both of these looks will give you curb appeal and an aura of whimsy that will have everyone stopping to admire your home.

Stately and Stylish

To highlight landscaping along your walkway, hide lights among the flowers and foliage in the front of your house. This way passersby won’t necessarily see a line of lamps like an airport runway; but they will see a bright and stately-looking home. The entire effect feels a bit like a manor-home, lit up so strangers can see the beauty of the place.

Rustic Cabin

Choose copper or iron lights crafted to look like lanterns if you want to give off a rustic “log-cabin” feel. Larger lanterns can be placed strategically among front-yard landscaping, and they will give off plenty of light while still casting enough shadow to make the place seem mysterious and deeply forested. Another idea to highlight a country-chic atmosphere is to invest in several LED stone lights. You can line your walkway with these fake stones, or just stagger them appropriately, thereby hiding the artificial lighting with something that looks authentic. You’ll feel as though you’ve just stepped into the woods when you step onto your front porch.