Your outdoor lighting cannot only add to your landscape design, but if done correctly can also improve your home safety, too.

Well-lit walkways are an essential part of any outdoor lighting design, mainly so that residents and visitors can safely move around the property after dark. The last thing you want is for someone who arrives late to stumble their way up the drive or walkway and suffer an injury in the process.

Illuminating pathways has other purposes, as well. For example, you naturally want to create attractive outdoor spaces for the purposes of curb appeal or evening events. Plus, you may want to create an overall design that fits in with other landscape lighting elements.

However, another area of concern for many homeowners is security, and outdoor lighting can play a major role. Here are just a few path lighting basics when it comes to outdoor security.

Gauge Brightness

You might feel like your many goals for pathway lighting are at odds. For example, you want your lights to accentuate your landscape design and provide a welcoming glow for guests, but you also want them to be bright enough to warn you of potential threats like home invaders.

Can you balance these goals? The answer is yes. The solution is LED lighting, which now comes with a variety of options for brightness, color, and other features that will help you to achieve optimal illumination for your walkways. Plus, these lights are durable and energy-efficient, lowering your costs along the way.

Hide Wiring

The last thing you want is for would-be intruders to unplug lights or snip a cable that causes your yard to go dark. For this reason, it’s important to hide or bury wiring for lights that run along pathways. For the purposes of security you should do everything in your power to thwart the efforts of criminals attempting to infiltrate your home and cause damage to your property or harm to your family.

Choose Sturdy Fixtures

In order to cover all your bases, you’ve probably considered not only pathway lights, but also landscape and architectural lighting. You may have noticed that the flood lights for your home are often equipped with durable covers or wire mesh for protection.

This is so intruders can’t throw rocks and knock them out as a means of ensuring the cover of darkness during their illicit activities. You’ll also want to ensure that walkway lights are durable, not only to stop miscreants from pulling them up or breaking the bulbs, but so that they can withstand the elements year-round.