10 Reasons to Install Deck Lighting to Your Home

Posted on Jul 23

Why you should install deck lighting to your Tampa property. Homeowners have multiple options when it comes to home improvement projects. The addition of outdoor landscape lighting has definitely taken off in recent years. These affordable upgrades to traditional lighting can turn a once decent-looking exterior into something much more luxurious. LED deck lights are often at the top of the list whenever a homeowner decides to spice things up a bit. Let’s take a look at a few reasons… Read More


LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Ideas for Your New Property

Posted on Jun 29

Ideas for your Outdoor LED landscape lighting projects.   Homeowners are always on the hunt for simple ways to enhance the look and feel of their property. In recent years, many of them have discovered the wonderful effects of providing outdoor lighting curb appeal. Let’s take a look at a variety of ways that LED outdoor landscape lighting can improve your own property with the help of a reputable lighting company in Tampa.   Flood Lighting   If your goal… Read More


How Home LED Lighting Installation Will Help You Sell Your Home!

Posted on Jun 29

Home LED lights will help you sell your home! Homeowners are always looking for ways to give themselves an edge when they’re in the market to sell their home. Some may give the home a vastly new paint scheme while others could decide to add new installations such as an extra room that may be appealing to potential buyers. Many of the most astute homeowners, however, have discovered the incredible benefits of LED landscape lighting. In recent years, many people… Read More


Upgrade your Dock with LED Dock Lights

Posted on May 29

Why you should upgrade LED dock lighting this year! Lighting companies are often tasked with the installation of outdoor led dock lighting. Today, we’re going to look at a few pieces of information about LED dock lights that you can install if you live by the water, including their benefits, placement, and basic guidelines and the benefits of these types of lights. Improve Safety and Security The biggest reason why homeowners want their landscape lighting to include LED dock lights… Read More


Enjoy Your Summer Nights with Outdoor Patio Lighting

Posted on May 15

Enjoy your outdoor space with brand new outdoor patio lighting When it comes to investing in the appearance and value of your home, thousands upon thousands of homeowners have realized the positive impact of LED landscape lighting. With the help of a reputable installer who specializes in outdoor LED lighting, you can take any dull or lackluster property and turn it into something you can truly be proud of! Many households have turned to outdoor patio lighting as the perfect… Read More


What are Some of the Basics of Effective Landscape Lighting Design?

Posted on Apr 30

How landscape lighting design affects the layout of the lighting itself. On our quest to create an exquisite landscape for our home, there are numerous design and construction options available. In recent years, outdoor landscape lighting in Tampa has become one of the most popular choices among homeowners due to its simplicity and gorgeous appearance. If you want your outdoor landscape lighting to be effective, you’ll need to learn a few basic principles. To help you get the most out… Read More


Lighting Maintenance: How to Properly Maintain your Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Posted on Apr 10

How to complete basic lighting maintenance to keep outdoor lighting working properly. Outdoor landscape lighting is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to improve the look and feel of your home. The installation is inexpensive, the results are magnificent, and maintenance is simple and straightforward. In fact, lighting maintenance only needs to be done periodically and can usually be completed without the assistance of a professional. Today, we’re going to show you six simple steps that will keep… Read More


Landscape Lighting Repair: How to Troubleshoot Landscape Lighting

Posted on Mar 27

Landscape lighting repair and troubleshooting tips. It can be both frustrating and daunting trying to solve issues related to landscape lighting. Before you become too concerned, let’s go over the basics of troubleshooting landscape lights. Your problem could very well be an easy and quick fix! Starting with the Simplest Answers Even more frustrating than malfunctioning lights, calling on a professional lighting team for landscape lighting repair when it turns out that the problem was very simple is extremely agitating…. Read More


Interesting Facts about LED Security Lights

Posted on Mar 13

LED security lights make a huge difference for your property’s safety. Installing outdoor security lights provides homeowners with a quality layer of defense that is designed to deter criminal activity. To many homeowners, having security lights in place means little more than tossing a couple motion-activated lights near entry doors. Let’s investigate LED security lights, and the advantages that a professionally designed Tampa Landscape Lighting can provide. Proper Security Lighting Requires Smart Design One of the most common mistakes we… Read More


Outdoor LED Lighting Ideas for Your Property’s Landscape

Posted on Feb 24

Ideas for adding outdoor LED lighting to your property.   Residential landscape lighting can be developed to cover a wide variety of needs and has become one of the most popular methods of home improvement in recent years. However, most homeowners struggle with exactly what they need and want. Where do you start? How do you define your goals, and which lighting types suit your project best? Follow along while we provide some outdoor LED lighting ideas that are both… Read More