Why You Should Hire a Professional to Install Your Holiday Lights

Posted on Oct 27

What’s the best time to have professionals install holiday lights to your home? Well, it’s that time of year again – time to start think about putting up your Christmas decorations! We all know that lights are a huge part of this for millions of households, but many people have no idea when they should schedule to get them installed. To help you out, we’re going to give you some tips on the best time to install LED Christmas lights and how to… Read More


What is Uplighting and How Can It Benefit Your Landscape Lighting?

Posted on Oct 18

How does uplighting benefit your property? As a homeowner, it’s important for you to think about ways to improve your property’s landscape. Many people will do this by adding lavish structures such as pavilions, fire pits, and wood-fired pizza ovens while others will spruce up the place with more vegetation or perhaps a garden. No matter what you choose, however, these landscape items always look better with professional LED landscape lighting effects. Uplighting and downlighting are common parts of any… Read More


10 Benefits of Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting for Commercial Properties

Posted on Sep 23

What are some of the benefits of low voltage lighting? You often see outdoor lighting used to beautify residential homes, but you it can also be useful for commercial properties. Low voltage outdoor lighting has been gaining popularity for many reasons, so, if you are still unsure about whether you should invest in it for your office, the 10 reasons below may just convince you. Aesthetics Appeal Aesthetics is the top benefit of outdoor lights. Outdoor lighting can create a… Read More


5 Facts About LED Pathway Lights for Your Home

Posted on Sep 17

Why are LED pathway lights beneficial for your property?   Outdoor lights are a beautiful addition to any home, but it can be hard to decide what will be the most suitable for your home. Nowadays, LED lighting is a popular choice for many reasons. It can light up your pathways and walkways to create a serene atmosphere at night, improve safety and security, and accentuate architectural features. So, what makes LED a top choice for outdoor landscape lighting? To… Read More


How to Keep Landscape Lighting Working Long Term

Posted on Jun 27

Keep your landscape lighting working all year long. If you want to instantly improve the appearance and functionality of your property, outdoor lighting design is the perfect solution. However, to keep the lighting always looking its best, you’ll need to put in just a small amount of effort. To get you started, we’ve compiled our favorite techniques on how to keep landscape lights working properly. Choose LED Lighting Fixtures The first trick to help you keep landscape lights working long-term is to choose the right type… Read More


LED Path Lights: 10 Benefits of LED Path Lighting

Posted on May 25

What are some benefits of LED path lights?   Thanks to their resiliency and attractive quality, homeowners throughout Florida and all across the nation have decided to install landscape lighting as a way to improve their home’s appeal. It has proven to be a great way to not only make your property the envy of all your neighbors, but it will also increase the overall value of your home — and who doesn’t love that idea? LED path lights leading up to the… Read More


8 Advantages of LED Bulbs for Landscape Lighting

Posted on Apr 29

LED light bulb advantages! Lighting technology has certainly come a long way since the days of Thomas Edison and we can’t help but wonder if he might’ve had a hand in recent advancements if he was alive today. After all, in the past couple of decades, incandescent lights have given way to fluorescent lamps, LED bulbs, and other alternatives. Of all the different types of lighting available to us these days, LEDs are leading the way in transforming the way we design our… Read More


Where Should You Install Lights in the Front of Your House?

Posted on Mar 23

Where should you add new lights to your front yard?   Choosing lighting fixtures for your home or commercial property can be a fun and exciting process. The primary goal for several homeowners in installing lights for front of house is to bring attention to the house itself. The right type of landscape lighting installation can highlight the home. Outdoor lights for the front of house can help enhance exterior areas, but outdoor lighting does not have to be an aesthetic choice alone. As a homeowner,… Read More


How LED Commercial Lighting Can Boost Your ROI

Posted on Mar 12

How is LED lighting beneficial for commercial properties? One of the best decisions business owners have to make with their office, warehouse, or any other property is lighting. When it comes to commercial lighting, you are not only considering the lights themselves but also the ambiance, mood, and overall atmosphere you want to create. Interior lighting can affect employees’ productivity and customers’ impression of your business, while outdoor lighting can add curb appeal and increase safety at night. Overall, it… Read More


Landscape Lighting Ideas: How to Show Off Your Landscape at Night

Posted on Jan 22

What are some great landscape lighting ideas for your home?   With the right design, LED landscape lighting will improve your home’s appearance, make it more attractive for future buyers, provide additional safety and security, and even allow you to show off a little bit. The real beauty of professional lighting design and installation is that multiple techniques are at your disposal that will allow you to properly show off your landscape and the home itself. To help you out,… Read More