Keep your lighting system working properly with regular maintenance.

Your home’s landscape is one of its most important qualities and there are so many options available today that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of everything. Some homeowners opt for an exquisite oasis in their yard, while others set up a small fountain out front and a fully functional kitchen in the back.

The problem is that when darkness falls, so does the visibility of your landscape. Therefore, households often turn to the installation of LED landscape lighting systems as a way to always keep their property looking bright and beautiful. However, problems may arise that can negate the lighting’s impact.

Today, we’re going to look at why landscape lighting needs to be maintained and give you a few tips to help make that happen.

Why Landscape Lighting Must Be Maintained

When installed and maintained properly, outdoor landscape lighting can make the difference between a ho-hum property and an outstanding one. LED landscape lights are durable, but that doesn’t mean you can simply not pay attention to them.

Here are a few reasons why it’s essential that your landscape lighting is properly cared for:

Hurts Your Curb Appeal

As everyone knows, your home’s curb appeal is important. Not only is it an element of pride, but it can also increase the perceived value of your property. If your landscape lighting has become blocked by vegetation or isn’t functioning properly, this can greatly impede the curb appeal by reducing its attractive quality.

Reduces Safety/Security

Proper lighting is a big part of safety because it allows household members and visitors to see clearly even after the sun has gone down. It also adds to security as it deters would-be trespassers, porch pirates, and other individuals. Even a single lamp going out in your landscape can hurt the safety and security of your yard.

Leads to Malfunctions

If you don’t take care of your landscape lighting, then this can lead to malfunctions of the equipment. This may result in a higher cost of repair and sometimes even replacement of certain fixtures. These malfunctions can harm the safety, security, and appearance of your yard as well, leading to additional issues.

May Create a Hazard

The last thing you want is for your landscape lighting to malfunction or otherwise become damaged and create a physical hazard for anyone who lives in your home or comes to visit. After an event such as severe weather, lights may fall and wires could even be exposed. You need to fix these problems right away so that no one gets hurt.

How to Properly Maintain Landscape Lighting

As you can see, allowing your landscape lighting to fall into disrepair can have a negative impact on your home. The good news is that taking care of the lighting on your property isn’t very difficult and doesn’t usually take much time. To give you a head start, here are a few simple landscape lighting maintenance tips to follow:

Trim Back Vegetation

It’s very easy for vegetation to become overgrown and block your landscape lighting. In some cases, this can severely limit the amount of illumination, which can hurt the attractiveness and safety of your home. You can prevent this from happening by routinely trimming back the vegetation either yourself or by using a professional service.

Remove Any Debris

Depending on where you live and the weather conditions, you may be subject to debris entering your yard and blocking the lights. This is especially true in areas of Florida where winds can blow tree branches, bird’s nests, untethered yard items, and other things around. Check your yard on a regular basis and remove any debris right away.

Check for Damage

You should definitely go out to your yard every once in a while and check for damage to your landscape lighting. If you already employ anyone for routine maintenance services, make sure they’re properly informing you of any problems. If any damage is found, either fix it yourself or call a electrical contractor or other type of professional.

Fix Broken Lamps

Although lighting fixtures used in outdoor landscape lighting are very durable, severe weather and other incidents can cause lamps to break. If you’re using LED lighting, one or two small lamps being out might not be a problem, but there’s no reason to delay fixing them. At the first sign of a broken lamp or light, you should get it repaired or replaced.

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