How is LED lighting beneficial for commercial properties?

One of the best decisions business owners have to make with their office, warehouse, or any other property is lighting. When it comes to commercial lighting, you are not only considering the lights themselves but also the ambiance, mood, and overall atmosphere you want to create. Interior lighting can affect employees’ productivity and customers’ impression of your business, while outdoor lighting can add curb appeal and increase safety at night. Overall, it is clear that your choice of lighting can influence the success of your business.

Nowadays, LED commercial lighting is gaining more popularity among business owners. Energy efficiency is a significant factor to consider when choosing lighting as they offer significant cost savings. However, if you are thinking of changing your property’s lighting fixtures, one of your biggest questions will likely be about your return on investment (ROI). Upgrading to LED commercial lighting will undoubtedly come with benefits, but naturally, you also want to know about the payback period to see if it is worth the investment.

To help you understand how LED lights can boost your ROI, here is some pertinent information related to cost savings and calculating returns. While the exact increase in ROI may differ from one business to another, you can be assured that LED lighting systems will give you significant energy, labor, and material savings. All these can ultimately help you gain more “returns” and reduce your expenses.

 Benefits of LED Commercial Lighting

Converting to LED commercial lighting can have multiple benefits for your business aside from the cost and energy savings.

Here are some of the additional advantages of using LED lights:


The reason why LED lights can cut down your costs is not just their energy efficiency but also their longevity. These lighting systems are designed to have longer lifespans, which can reach up to 50,000 hours. This rating is about 50 times longer than that of incandescent bulbs and eight times longer than that of compact fluorescent lights (CFLs).

With that, you would have to replace your current bulbs multiple times before you even need to replace any of your LED lights. From this point, you can imagine how much you can save from labor and replacement costs if you switch your light fixtures.

Environmental Benefits

Lighting fixtures powered by LED technology are more environmentally friendly than your usual CFLs and incandescent bulbs. For one, LED bulbs have lower carbon dioxide emissions and consume about 30 times less energy than incandescent bulbs. Likewise, they do not contain mercury, which CFLs have, so they are also easier to dispose of.


Another great thing about LED lights is that they are built with sturdy and durable materials to ensure they can withstand harsh conditions. They are resistant to shock and vibrations and can stay intact against exposure to weather conditions like rain or wind. Thus, you need not worry too much about broken bulbs or frequent replacements since your LED lights are much stronger and less fragile than traditional bulbs.

The three points above are only some of the many reasons why LED lights are becoming the go-to choose for outdoor lighting, accent lighting, and overall commercial lighting. No matter what your lighting goals or needs are, you can be assured that LED-powered lights can do just the same as your current set-up and deliver some added benefits to give your office a positive boost.

Calculating ROI

If you are interested in getting LED commercial lighting for your office, one of your top concerns will naturally be your ROI and how long it will take to recoup your expenses. Traditionally, ROI is calculated by dividing your profit by your investment and multiplying by 100. In the context of upgrading your lighting designs to LED options, you can calculate your ROI by dividing your cost savings by your expenses then multiplying by 100.

Total Expenses

Your expenses will essentially be the total cost to put up your LED lights. To arrive at this amount, you can set up a consultation with lighting professionals who have ample experience and knowledge to guide you through the process. Your total cost will typically include the cost for the LED lights, installation, removal of old lights, and other potential expenses needed to set up your new lights.

Total Savings

To find your cost savings with the LED lights, you will need to calculate your energy savings, determine the number of operating hours that the lights are in use, then compute your savings based on the average electricity rate. Since LED lights are much more energy efficient than CFL, incandescent, or halogen bulbs, you can expect to have higher electrical savings with the upgrade.

Additionally, you can also check for other potential savings like labor and materials. Most likely, you may also observe some savings in these aspects since LED lights can run for much longer than traditional bulbs, resulting in less replacements that translate to lower labor costs.

The actual numbers can vary from one business to another. Naturally, it depends on how your current lighting system compares to the LED lighting system that you plan to get, as well as the average electrical rate in your area. The extent of your savings will also depend on how much longer your LED bulbs last compared to your current ones.

Overall, many variables can affect your ROI projection, so it is difficult to state an exact value. However, you can try looking at calculations done by others to see that their ROIs have increased marginally after implementing LED light systems. Working with a professional can also help you get more accurate figures to ensure your calculations are as realistic as possible.

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