What’s the best time to have professionals install holiday lights to your home?

Well, it’s that time of year again – time to start think about putting up your Christmas decorations! We all know that lights are a huge part of this for millions of households, but many people have no idea when they should schedule to get them installed. To help you out, we’re going to give you some tips on the best time to install LED Christmas lights and how to get them installed safely.

Best Time to Install LED Christmas Lights

You’re excited about putting up your Christmas light display, so here are some suggestions on when to schedule an appointment with professionals:


While some families don’t make plans to decorate for the Christmas season at any specific time, many have a post-Thanksgiving schedule. Schedule an appointment with professionals so you don’t have to lift a finger after Turkey Day!

Following HOA Rules

If you’re part of a Homeowners Association, you’ll want to check their rules on hanging Christmas decorations. Most aren’t too restrictive on how many lights you can hang up or what types of decorations you can put in your yard. But they may have limits about when you’re allowed to do it. For example, you may need to have the lights put up no earlier than October and take them down no later than January.

Before a Big Holiday Party

It goes without saying that if you’re planning to throw a big holiday party, you should get the lights installed by then so everyone can enjoy them. There’s no exact timeframe, but we would recommend that you schedule some time to put them up at least one week before the party. This gives you enough time to have professionals install your holiday lights in case there’s a delay.

Save a Little Money

If you’re like many homeowners, then you’ve put professional Christmas light installation on your checklist. Keep in mind that installation companies get very busy from early November to early December and won’t be offering any discounts. Yet, you may be able to find a deal or two if you schedule installation by the end of October or in mid-December.

Tips for Installing LED Christmas Lights

Now that we’ve covered the best times for you to put up your Christmas holiday lights, let’s look at some quick installation tips our team will follow to provide a good experience:

Switch Out Non-LED Lights

As you’re probably aware, outdoor LED landscape lighting has become a popular feature in the state of Florida. This type of lighting is better for the environment, uses less energy, lasts much longer, and saves on utility bills. If you have any Christmas lights that aren’t LED, we suggest you switch to LEDs!

Never Put-Up Lights Alone

Every year, homeowners across the country injure themselves by falling off a ladder or roof while putting up lights. The safest course of action is to hire a professional installer. Our team will ensure safety on your property while we hang up your Christmas lights.

We’ll Check the Lights Before Hanging Them Up

Before any lights get hung up, make sure that they’re all in proper working order. If we see any fraying wires or other damage, we’ll inform you so you can replace the string of lights right away. Also, for the sake of safety, we only use UL-approved extension cords that are made for outdoor use.

Call Professional Holiday Light Installers

Hiring a professional Christmas light installer is always your best option. We have the know-how and equipment to get it done safely. They can also store your lights in a secure location for the next year and beyond.

Contact Elegant Accents to Set Up Your LED Christmas Lights

Elegant Accents offers the most reliable LED lighting installation in Florida. We also offer storage of your lights from year to year and will always keep them safe. If you have any questions about hanging LED Christmas lights or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us by calling (813) 629-2228 today.