Nothing will make your home more appealing and welcoming than outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting will improve the security of your home, and it will add beauty and a dramatic impression to your landscape. For an ethereal glow, it is worth considering outdoor tree lighting. However, many people looking for landscape lighting in Tampa have been asking what types of trees are best for outdoor tree lighting. This is important since a thoughtful placement of key trees in your landscape can really set the stage for a dynamic effect.

When looking for the best tree to make an impact on your landscape it is important to pick one with character. Good candidates can be an oak tree, palm tree, clump-form tree, etc. All of these options can help make sure that they breathe new life into your landscape and gives your entire property a different feel.

Below are five trees that will look the best in landscape lighting.

Palm Tree

A palm tree has a unique branching structure with an interesting overlapping pattern that is beautiful to look at, not to mention makes an incredible focus for any outdoor tree lighting design. Palm trees are also tall and narrow, and tall narrow trees can give a nice, pleasing glow to your landscape.

Oak Tree

Oaks trees are generally beautiful with or without an addition of any lighting effect. Their sweeping curved limbs give them an elegant branching pattern that will add to any landscape. If you use certain lighting techniques, an oak tree can cast a shadow in areas around the tree. Some people will wrap the oak in twinkle lights, but this won’t provide the best lighting for the tree. It is important to try and place landscape lighting strategically.

Crape Myrtle

Even in the hottest climate, Crape Myrtle will be pretty all day long. In areas such as the DC Metro, and Centreville they are the king when it comes to outdoor tree lighting. They grow fast; they have a wonderful smooth bark, unusual structure, and beautiful vibrant flowers. Crape Myrtle is just perfect for outdoor lighting.

Cherry tree

The National Cherry Blossom Festivals have been putting on Cherry tree lighting every year, and they look amazing. Cherry trees have pink and white flowers that really stand out at night.

Dogwood Tree

Dogwood trees are very open and delicate, and few people have them on their property. Typically, they do not grow tall, so they provide lighting at eye level. During spring, they generally produce pink and white flowers, which are very stunning with the right lighting.

Most of these trees are illuminated using different techniques, most specifically, uplighting, silhouetting, and moonlighting. The best technique is always dependent upon the size and the type of tree. Before you make any tree lighting decision, it is important that you keep in mind that your landscape may change with the season. Some of these trees may lose their leaves in the fall or winter, and you will have a different look when the leaves are there. To make sure that your outdoor landscape lighting in Tampa is all you hoped for, it is imperative that you let an expert help you place fixtures with appropriate intensity, so that is just right for your landscape.