outdoor landscape lighting

With the real estate market at the highest volume of sales in a decade, many home sellers are wondering how to stand out from the crowd.

They may try home staging and use digital marketing techniques but fail to get the offers and prices they’d hoped for.

Outdoor landscape lighting is an easy way to boost curb appeal many homeowners don’t consider.

If you’re wondering what landscape lighting can do to help, let us show you.

We will shine a light on the many benefits of landscape lighting.

Create Focal Points

Hollywood knows the value of great lighting. They create dramatic effects and highlight the best features of actors with their attention to lighting.

Your home should be a star as well. You have architecture and outdoor installations to work with. Your lighting expert will use lights to create focal points. You want your buyers to look at the unique features of your home.

This may include a pool or the landscape design.

The right lights will show off your best features and be welcoming too.

Be Welcoming With Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Lights make a home feel safe and comfortable. You may already have a lighted path or driveway to increase the sense of ease and comfort with your home and its surroundings.

But in terms of curb appeal, well-placed lights near the front door say “welcome” better than any welcome mat could.

And what better way is there to make buyers feel at home?

A Spacious Design

Who doesn’t want the most space for their dollar when investing in real estate? Sure, your potential buyers will measure off the square footage, consider the number of rooms and bathrooms, and begin to mentally place furniture when they think about making an offer.

But outdoor landscape lighting can help them reimagine the possibilities. You will be indicating there is usable space outside the home as well as indoors.

If your home shows value and usable space indoors and out you’ll see the offers come pouring in.

Show Off

Outdoor landscape lighting won’t just create focal points around your home. This lighting will also highlight the beautiful landscaping in your yard.

Did you know that a $20,000 investment in landscaping can boost the price of your home by $200,000? Make sure you show it off at night too!

Outdoor lighting can be used to light your trees from below and create a dreamy moonlight effect. Also, a trained landscape lighting team will work with your existing trees, shrubs, flowers, and home architecture to design a beautiful overall image for prospective buyers.

Invest in your landscape to boost the price of your home. But don’t forget to save some of that investment for landscape lighting too.

You’ll be building curb appeal 24 hours a day.

Find the Best

Once you know how lighting can boost curb appeal you’ll want to find the best overall value for your outdoor lighting design.

Elegant Accents can help.

Our customers love our service because we work to make their homes more beautiful. Plus, we increase the overall value of their home.

Don’t wait to see another offer pass you by before you boost your home’s curb appeal.

Contact Elegant Accents today and schedule your free home demonstration.