Wall Springs Park

Wall Springs Park

Located in Palm Harbor, Florida, Wall Springs Park is a beautiful place to spend the day. It features a variety of things to do, including picnic pavilions, a walking path, and ADA-accessible restrooms. A fantastic article to read.

Walking path

Located in Palm Harbor, Florida, Wall Springs Park offers a great walking path. This 210 acre park is part of Pinellas County Parks and Preserves. It has a 35-foot observation tower for stunning views of Boggy Bayou. It also includes a boardwalk around a natural spring. It is home to a variety of birds and reptiles.

The Coastal Addition is a 125 acre addition to the park. This area includes a playground, restrooms, and a fishing pier. It also has natural and paved trails.

The walking path at Wall Springs Park is a mile-long, mostly paved trail. The route includes a wooden boardwalk surrounding the spring. It also has five picnic shelters. It is rated easy. It has ample parking and is safe for families to explore.

The observation tower at Wall Springs Park provides a view of the Boggy Bayou and the Gulf of Mexico. It is ADA-compliant and has long ramps leading to a third floor.

ADA-accessible observation tower

Located in Palm Harbor, Florida, Wall Springs Park is an ADA-accessible park. It features a 35-foot observation tower, a playground, boardwalks, and picnic shelters. The park also offers scenic views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Aside from the ADA-accessible observation tower, Wall Springs Park offers a beautiful walking path and a bird’s eye view of Boggy Bayou. Visitors can walk along the 1.5-mile paved trail that hugs the Gulf of Mexico. There are also picnic pavilions with observation decks, restrooms, and drinking fountains.

The Butterfly Garden at Wall Springs Park is a wonderful place to see more than a dozen species of butterflies. There are also many plants that attract butterflies. There are paved and unpaved nature trails and free parking.

There are several outdoor recreational facilities at Wall Springs Park, including a pier, five picnic shelters, mangroves, and saltwater fishing. The 210-acre park is anchored by a historical natural spring. Visit another area in town here.

ADA-compliant restrooms

ADA-compliant restrooms in Wall Springs Park Palm Harbor FL are available to visitors. This park offers plenty of amenities, including an observation tower, a historical natural spring, and a 210-acre preserve. It also has beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico.

In the early 1900s, Wall Springs was a popular bathing destination. In 1926, Moss Rose built a bathhouse at the site. In the late 1980s, Pinellas County purchased the property and brought it back into use.

Today, Wall Springs Park features a 210-acre preserve with namesake springs and beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico. The park is located in the Palm Harbor area of Pinellas County, Florida. The park also has a 35-foot ADA-accessible observation tower.

The Coastal Addition to Wall Springs Park features natural and paved trails. It is also home to a sand volleyball court and baseball fields. A fishing pier is also available.

Picnic pavilions

Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Wall Springs Park is a 210-acre park that offers many amenities. In addition to the namesake springs, visitors can enjoy nature trails and a 35-foot observation tower that provides stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Wall Springs Park is also a great place to watch birds, including ospreys and pelicans. You can also take a walk in the Butterfly Garden.

Wall Springs Park has a tidal swamp, a spring-fed stream, and a large stand of cattails. You can also hike along the Pinellas Trail, which runs alongside the park. There is a paved path that extends more than a mile and is ADA-accessible.

There are several picnic shelters in the park, and each one has an observation deck. There are also restrooms nearby.


Originally called Wall Springs, this park is a 210 acre preserve on Pinellas Trail in Palm Harbor, Florida. It includes a natural spring, a pier, and a 35-foot observation tower that provides stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico. It also features a paved trail system over one mile long.

There are plenty of other activities in this park, including wildlife viewing, a butterfly garden, and a playground. The park has a large parking lot, and it connects to the Pinellas Trail in Palm Harbor. It is part of the Pinellas County Parks and Preserves program.

The park is also home to otters, raccoons, and several species of birds. There are plenty of picnic areas and restrooms. The park is a great place to play Pokemon GO.

There is no swimming in the park due to the sensitive nature of the spring. However, there are fishing piers on the Gulf of Mexico. There are also mud flats that house fish, snook, and other marine mammals. Next article.



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