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Tampa Landscape Lighting from Elegant Accents


Effectively designed and implemented landscape lighting can bring your Tampa home’s exterior to life, as well as provide a great level of safety around your home. If you’ve been searching for the best Tampa landscape lighting company around, you’re in the right place—with over two decades of experience and a firm focus on quality products and services, Elegant Accents is the team you can trust for comprehensive outdoor lighting services.

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Landscape Lighting Services

Our clients enjoy a broad range of quality products and superior, expert-driven services. Whether you’re looking to improve visual appeal, you want to add more functionality to your outdoor spaces, or you want to enhance your home’s security, our experienced outdoor lighting designers and skilled contractors can meet your needs with precision.

Our Tampa landscape lighting offerings include, but are not limited to, all of the following:

  • Uplighting – This landscape lighting uses simple, dynamically-placed fixtures that light up a specific item or section of your yard. Uplighting is excellent for highlighting favorite hardscape features, trees, or home visuals.
  • Path and drive lighting – Path lighting is great both for enhancing the beauty of your landscape and for outlining safe walkways for you and any guests you may have visited.
  • Floodlighting – Flood lighting is used to heavily illuminate sections of your landscape. Generally, floodlights are more functional, and not necessarily chosen for beauty. However, in the hands of a skilled contractor, there is no reason why you can’t have both!
  • Wash lighting – Wash lighting features evenly-spaced light fixtures to create uninformed lighting. Most often wash lighting is used along the home’s exterior walls.
  • Silhouette lighting – Very similar to uplighting, silhouette lighting is frequently used to highlight favored features. The major difference is that the light bulb and fixture are less visible, and the light provided is a bit less bright and more understated.
  • And more – Our experienced Tampa landscape lighting teams can offer so much more than what we have listed here. If you can dream it, visualize it, or if you just have an idea and need a professional’s guidance, we’re always happy to help you in designing the ideal outdoor lighting to suit your needs.

Why Choose Elegant Accents?

When you connect with an exterior lighting contractor, you want to be met with three things: experience, friendly guidance, and a team that is dedicated to superior workmanship and results. Elegant Accents has offered professional Tampa landscape lighting services and Hillsborough County for twenty years! When you want dependable services and top-class results, our Tampa Bay service teams are always happy to assist.

Feel free to reach out to our team to ask about a free, no obligation Tampa landscape lighting demonstration! We’re happy to showcase what we can do for you, and we can offer you an estimate on what you’re looking for so that you can be certain that you’re making the right call. We offer consultations online, over the phone, or in person at your discretion!

Schedule Tampa Landscape Lighting Services with Elegant Accents

Regardless of the size or scope of your Tampa landscape lighting needs, Elegant Accents has the experience, training, and dedication needed to ensure you receive the quality that you deserve.

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