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Whether you own or manage a Tampa marina, or you’re a personal dock owner, when looking for dock lighting in Tampa you want to connect with professionals who can do the job right. Dock lighting presents unique challenges and complications, necessitating extensive knowledge, specialized products, and mastery of safe wiring and lighting practices.

Elegant Accents Lighting is your comprehensive source for dock lighting in Tampa and the surrounding areas, offering everything you need in addition to our eye for detail and dedication for exceeding expectations.

If you need dock lighting installation or are looking for help designing and implementing dock lighting, contact Elegant Accents Lighting.

Dock Lighting in Tampa from Elegant Accents Lighting

From underwater lighting and above water lighting, to installing lighting that is simultaneously sufficient and unobtrusive to neighboring docks, selecting the right lighting choices for your unique needs can be complicated. Elegant Accents Lighting offers you the full benefit of our experience and knowledge. As a locally-owned and operated lighting company in Tampa, we are well-versed and quite practiced when it comes to installing and maintaining lighting around sources of water.

Our dock lighting options include:

  • Weatherproof above-water dock lighting
  • Underwater LED dock lighting
  • Wired dock lighting
  • High-quality solar dock lighting
  • Nautical lanterns
  • And more

In addition to our above offerings, we also provide a wide range of custom dock lighting options. We strive to provide our clients with everything they need, from installation to superior products.

The Advantage of Our Dock Lighting

Dock lighting needs to be hardy, properly designed, and exceptionally watertight as well as windproof and corrosion-resistant. Our dock lighting is of the highest caliber, featuring premium materials handled and crafted by recognized, trusted manufacturers. In addition to our network of suppliers, we also offer the utmost in quality design and installation. Each member of the Elegant Accents Lighting team is certified, licensed, and undergoes routine training in order to remain at the cutting edge of lighting technology.

If you are interested in our dock lighting services but need to know more, we will be happy to assist in any way we can. Call Elegant Accents Lighting to schedule a no-obligation consultation so we can discuss the particulars of your dock lighting project!

Schedule Dock Lighting Services in Tampa, Florida with Elegant Accents Lighting

When you’re seeking dock lighting in Tampa and you want the best, look to the experts at Elegant Accents Lighting. We have been providing superior services and dependable workmanship to Tampa home, business, and dock owners for decades.

Contact us by filling out a sheet online, or simply dial 813-629-2228 to connect with a lighting installation contractor near you to talk about dock lighting in Tampa, outdoor lighting in Tampa, and Tampa landscape lighting.