Transform your home with residential landscape lighting designs that can enhance the look of your property. At Elegant Accents Lighting, we provide quality landscape lighting and outdoor lighting products in the Tampa Bay area to make homes glow with gorgeous lighting. For over 20 years, we have been serving clients with our extensive selection of LED lighting options to suit their homes.


Whether you are looking for some holiday lighting or generally enjoy staying outdoors, we have an extensive selection of LED lighting designs to suit your preferences. Installing residential landscape lighting comes with several benefits that are not limited to aesthetic purposes. Apart from visual appeal, here are the other advantages that may help convince you to get some lights for your valuable property:


  • Security: Landscape lighting is the perfect way to draw attention to your home, providing you and your neighbors with a better view of the outdoor area. Dark homes make it harder to detect potential intruders, so the lights will be a welcome addition to give you more security.


  • Value: Lighting can enhance and emphasize the positive features of your home, thus increasing its value. Homebuyers often look for outdoor lighting when searching for properties, so with it, you can increase your curb appeal and ensure you get returns on your investment.


  • Safety: With path lights to illuminate your yard and walkways, you can prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. At night, it can be easy for people to trip or fall without light to guide their path, so you can install lighting in high traffic areas to improve the safety within your property.


Servicing All Clients with Residential Landscape Lighting Installation 

As landscape lighting specialists, we provide installation services and offer everything else you need to ensure your home is lit beautifully. If you are interested in getting residential landscape lighting, we provide the following services:


  • In-Person Consultations: Schedule a consultation to discuss the design and type of lights that you would like to install in your home. Our landscape lighting designers have years of experience to give you professional advice on what lighting designs will work best for your home and needs.


  • Free Lighting Demonstrations: If you want to know how your home will look like with residential landscape lighting, you can schedule a free lighting demo with us. We will set up temporary lights to give you a better idea of what to expect. As we tour your home, we can also see what adjustments need to be made to ensure that everything goes smoothly upon installation.


  • Lighting Installation: Once we have your custom design plan set in place, we can proceed to the landscape lighting installation. We can guarantee that our team of specialists will be dedicated to assisting you from beginning to end, so you can be assured that they have your best interests in mind.


  • Lighting Replacement: If you already have lighting installed in your home but want to get them replaced, we can also do this for you. Replacing your lights to our led landscape lighting options can help you reduce energy waste to save more money. Outdoor LED lighting can also last longer, so you do not have to replace your bulbs too frequently.


  • Holiday Lighting: Feel like decorating your home to make it look more festive? If so, we can help you showcase your holiday spirit with our holiday light installation. Sit back and allow us to do all the heavy work. Once the holidays are over, we can also help you take them down, store them in an AC-controlled environment, and re-install them the following year.


Contact Elegant Accents Today 

If you are looking for professional and elegant lighting solutions for your home, contact us today at 813 629 2228 to schedule your free lighting demo. Our team will get in touch with you and make sure to answer all your questions and help you throughout the entire process.