landscape lighting specialist

As the economy picks up, Americans are spending more on landscaping. In fact, the landscaping industry generates nearly $100 billion in revenue per year.

Landscaping is a great way to boost curb appeal and increase property value. One of the hottest trends in the industry is landscaping lighting.

Before you start a new project, we suggest hiring a lighting specialist. Read on before you hire a company to upgrade your home’s exterior. Explore 5 tips for hiring a landscape lighting specialist.

1. Check Out the Landscape Lighting Specialist’s Portfolio

Every reputable business has a portfolio to show off their work. Ask the contractor to point you to some examples of their best projects.

The lighting specialist likely has pictures up on their website. If the projects are local, take a drive by to see the final product in person.

There are a few different benefits to reviewing a portfolio. First, it may give you some ideas for your personal project. Perhaps more importantly, it provides confidence that the specialist is skilled and performs quality work.

2. Ask for References

It is important to verify that a business does quality work. One way to do this is by asking for references.

As a general rule of thumb, most people ask for at least 3 references. Make sure to reach out to each reference and ask about their experience working with the lighting specialist.

Ask specific questions about any unexpected charges, the durability of the equipment, and professionalism. Also, inquire whether there were any negative issues they would like to share.

3. Perform Online Research

There are enormous benefits to the digital era when shopping for contractors. For instance, there is a wealth of information online about many businesses.

You can check the Better Business Bureau to make sure consumer complaints have not been filed against the specialist. You can also review customer testimonials on social media. Any negative experiences with the contractor are likely to be documented online.

4. Ask for a Lighting Concept

The best exterior lighting specialists are passionate about their profession. Each home is a blank canvass to spread an artistic vision.

Inquire what type of lighting concept that they envision for your home installation. See if their passion for the job is clear when discussing your home exterior transformation.

5. Review the Contract Fine Print

Your specialist is not officially hired until a contract is signed and sealed. Make certain to carefully read the terms and conditions of the contract.

Look for language that is specific to equipment warranty and maintenance. For example, does the company provide a warranty for the work in the event that equipment breaks?

A Recap for Hiring a Lighting Specialist

A landscape lighting specialist can transform the exterior of your home. Lighting systems accentuate your home’s best features.

Before officially hiring the contractor, make sure to do some online research and check references. The objective is to make sure the contractor performs quality work. If you are interested in hiring a landscape lighting specialist, please contact us to schedule an appointment today.