garden lights

Americans spend over 36 billion dollars on lawn and garden care each year. While most people invest in plants, flowers, tools, and quality soil, lighting is something often overlooked.

By not including lighting, people are missing out on an opportunity to perfect the design. Having no lights also means it can be unsafe to spend time there at night.

This is an issue especially with living in Florida, as it is important to make the most of outdoor spaces.

If you are starting the search for lighting options and unsure where to start, keep reading below for five awesome garden lights you should definitely consider!

1. Step Lighting

If your garden space has different levels and steps nearby, adding in step lighting will significantly elevate your space.

The options for this type of lighting in a garden is endless. One option is LED strips attached to the underside of stairs. This creates a glow that safely illuminates the area.

2. Mason Jar Lanterns

Mason jars are an item that has transcended style preferences and age groups. Garden lights are yet another unique use of them.

They look beautiful hanging from trees, roofs, or even just sitting on a table or planter box. Hanging a bunch along a fence would also light up your space perfectly.

They can add a cozy warm glow to any garden.

3. Light Cubes

Willing to put in a little sweat equity? If so, consider creating your very own light cubes. Pick up some acrylic sheets, wood, and an outdoor lighting kit and you’ll be ready to go.

Check out this guide for tips on building the cube structure and then add some acrylic to the exterior.

These one of a kind pieces can double as both tables and chairs. The soft glow they create will be a hit during parties. They will also make a great photo op for your guests to remember their time.

4. String Lights

An oldie, but goodie, string lights are a good low-cost option. If you are blessed with a tree in your yard, string them around it to create a dazzling focal point for your garden space.

If you don’t have a tree, fence, or pergola, you can wind string lights around small stakes placed throughout your plants or flowers. This will draw focus to your hard work and keep any guests from accidentally stepping in your gardens.

5. Light Globes

One final and stunning option for garden lights are globe lights. These come in various sizes and are spheres that create an almost ethereal glow.

Bonus fact? If you have a pool, certain models can even float! Whether you throw a nighttime pool party or an evening tea party, these will keep the space light and bright.

Let Garden Lights Guide You to the Perfect Space

Are you feeling super inspired to light up your garden? Hopefully one (or more) of these options excites you. No matter the size of your garden, a little lighting will take it to the next level.

Do you have some additional questions? Maybe want to chat about getting help with a lighting installation?

Please contact us and we would love to help you achieve the garden space of your dreams.