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Nothing says the holidays quite like lights being hung from house to house. Your neighborhood can turn into a winter wonderland that attracts visitors to see the spectacle.

Or, you may be the only one on your street who’s putting their holiday spirit on display. Either way, you want your lights to make a festive statement, right?

With the right lighting design, you can do just that!

Read on to learn more about our picks for the top 10 lighting designs. You can have a unique and festive design that will have your friends in awe when they show up for your holiday party.

1. Twinkle Star Lighting Design

When we think Christmas, we think twinkle lights. There’s just something magical about the site of stars draped across rooftops and twinkling throughout neighborhoods.

2. Garland Lights

Sometimes a little subtle lighting goes a long way.

If you’re not in the mood to decorate your entire home with lights this holiday season, opt for something a little easier like lights draped over your garland.

3. Ball Lights

Whether you choose large or small ball lights, ball lights are the perfect addition to create a colorful and playful holiday scene for your home.

4. Hurricane Lanterns

One way to create a holiday setting in a unique and classy way is by setting a stable scene through the use of rustic details and hurricane lanterns. You can choose to use the kind that uses kerosene or the type that uses a lightbulb.

5. Laser Lights

Laser lights are the perfect option for people who want plenty of lights but aren’t into the idea of putting them all up. Or, taking them all down, for that matter!

They’re also a great option if you feel like switching up the color or style of your lighting on a regular basis.

6. LED Candles

Want to add candlelight to your dinner table or coffee table but aren’t a fan of fire hazards? LED candle light create the perfect illusion of candles and does a great job at creating ambiance without almost burning your house down.

7. Lumineer Bags

Lumineer bags are perfect for setting the stage outside and creating a warm welcome to guests. Use them to line your walkway or to frame a seating area without adding on too much light.

8. Icicle Lights

Whether you live in a warm climate or are already braving the cold, nothing sets the scene quite like icicle lighting. Their beautiful shape and color will bring a white Christmas to any term.

9. Old-Fashioned Lights

If you love the whole “Night before Christmas” vibe and want to give a nod to the ’70s, then old-fashioned Christmas lights are a must. Not only are these lights adorable, but they’re guaranteed to bring out your inner child.

10. Willow Lights

If you want to have noteworthy outdoor lights, but aren’t a fan of the holiday “Christmas light” look, you can choose a style that works for every season. Willow lights make great outdoor lights thanks to their natural touches and subtle style.

*Bonus* Moravian Star Light

Looking for an exotic and enchanting decor that also works as the perfect mood lighting? Moravian Star Lights are often used in restaurants and hotels to set the tone in outdoor spaces while maintaining an elegant atmosphere.

Create a Memorable Look for Your Holiday Event

Good lighting design is an essential part of any decor, whether it’s for the holidays or to create a backdoor oasis.

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