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Did you know that residential LED lighting uses at least 75% less energy and lasts 25 times longer than incandescent landscape lighting?

No wonder so many people are upgrading their exterior outdoor lighting fixtures to energy-efficient LED lighting for their outdoor landscapes in the Cheval areas of Tampa.

Are you looking to install outdoor lighting at your home in Cheval Tampa?

If so, read on to learn about the benefits of LED landscape lighting in Tampa, Florida for both residents and businesses around Cheval

Top 5 Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting in Cheval, Lutz & Tampa

Outdoor lighting is crucial to safety to avoid an accident, slip, trip or fall. Usually, outdoor accent lights are yellow and dull. But with our Outdoor LED lights we will transform your landscape lighting so your home and business in Cheval and Lutz looks amazing and elegant, adding incredible enjoyment to your time at home or work every night

1. Energy Efficient

LED lights are 25%-80% more efficient than traditional bulbs used in landscape lighting systems. LED lights shine brighter than incandescent or halide lights while they use less energy because they offer more lumens per watt.

This, in turn, gives a nice saving on your monthly electric bill. Landscape lights tend to be left on for hours or all night which will be a significant saving because of the extended period of time the lights are on.

LED lights aim light in a specific direction which is hemispherical because they are mounted on a flat surface. This specific direction reduces wasted light and wasted energy. Conventional lights emit light in all directions.

2. No Infrared or UV Emissions

Less than 10% of the power used by traditional bulbs is converted to visible light. Most of the power is converted into infrared or radiated heat. Excessive heat can be a burn hazard for people or materials.

LED bulbs barely emit any infrared or UV reducing burning hazards.

Without emitting UV light your lights will attract fewer insects. Switching to LED lights your landscape will have less insect activity.

3. Instant On

Traditional bulbs and lighting take time plus heat to warm up and turn on. Many traditional bulbs need three minutes or more to reach its maximum light output. LED bulbs come on at 100% brightness almost instantly.

In cold weather, traditional lighting has a more difficult time trying to warm up to turn on. LED lights need little heat to work they are virtually always instant on. Below freezing weather doesn’t affect LED lights because they don’t need to heat up to turn on.

4. Longer Lifespan

LEDs don’t fail or suddenly burn out. They only dim over time inline incandescent lighting which can suddenly burn out.

Traditional bulbs have a lifespan of up to 4,000 hours. LED lights have a lifespan up to 50,000 hours, depending on how much they are being used.

LED lights are claimed to last 23 years or longer!

LEDs are made with durable plastic materials instead of glass which means they can handle harsh weather conditions much better. Plastic is more resilient than glass.

5. Better Visibility

You can choose from a variety of LED light intensity and hues. When LED landscape lighting first came out the only option was a faint glow. Now you can choose low-intensity LEDs in certain areas and high-intensity LEDs on steps and walkways to help avoid accidents.

Is Your Landscape Lighting Ready for a Makeover?

As you can see there is a better way to light up the night. These 5 benefits above might have you ready to upgrade your landscape lighting in Tampa, Florida. Even if you currently have a traditional light system outside, you can convert it to LED and gain a better quality of light, atmosphere and lower your operational costs.

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