Why you should upgrade LED dock lighting this year!

Lighting companies are often tasked with the installation of outdoor led dock lighting. Today, we’re going to look at a few pieces of information about LED dock lights that you can install if you live by the water, including their benefits, placement, and basic guidelines and the benefits of these types of lights.

Improve Safety and Security

The biggest reason why homeowners want their landscape lighting to include LED dock lights is for safety and security. Dock lighting illuminates the area just outside your home, where your boat is often located throughout the year. The existence of such lighting will often be enough to deter any nefarious types from approaching your property with the intent to trespass and possibly steal or vandalize something.

Enhance the Dock’s Appearance

As a homeowner, you’re probably always looking for new ways to improve the appearance of your home. The truth is that all outdoor lights enhance the look and feel of your landscape, increases curb appeal, and often raises the value of your property. Plus, it’s definitely something you can show off to your family members, friends, and neighbors. The best part is that the lights don’t need to be lavish or overly fancy to make a big impact.

LED Lights Last a Long Time

Thomas Edison certainly had a good run, but incandescent lighting is on the way out. LED landscape lighting has become extremely popular, especially since the technology has improved in recent years. These lights will typically last approximately 100,000 hours, while incandescent bulbs are usually only good for 5000 hours or so. In fact, if you were to leave your LED dock lights on for eight hours every night, they would likely last for more than three decades.

Avoid Excessive Lighting

Although you certainly want to use your dock lighting to help keep your home secure, it’s important that you refrain from excessive lighting. If you install too many lights or have them too bright, it can negatively affect the home’s appearance and may disturb some of the underwater wildlife in the area. Luckily, an experienced lighting company in Tampa will be able to help you figure out how much lighting is the right amount.

Durable Against the Elements

The best type of LED lights to use on your dock are the ones that utilize durable plastic rather than metal. Whereas metal can succumb to the corrosion factors of mineral salts are found not only in the ocean but also a river, lake, or bayou, plastics repel water and resist these harmful salts. This means there’s a much lower chance you’ll need to replace your lighting due to damage.

Direct the Lights Downward

Not only do you want to avoid excessive lighting, as mentioned above, it’s also important that you point LED dock lights downward. This will ensure that the lighting isn’t shining right in your face, which could negate some of the safety and security that you’re trying to achieve. Plus, it may be unpleasant for your household members and guests whenever you’re outside.

Underwater Options Available

In addition to LED dock lighting above the surface of the water, you can also install them below. Underwater lighting doesn’t just add to the overall appearance of your landscape. It will also attract marine life toward your home. Blue or green lighting typically works best, but if you’re unsure, discussing it with an installer who has experience with outdoor landscape lighting in Tampa will help you make the right choice.

Contact Elegant Accents for LED Dock Lights

The installation of LED dock lights is a great way to improve the appearance and functionality of your home. If you’d like to learn more about dock lighting or have questions about any other types of outdoor lighting in Tampa, the experts at Elegant Accents can assist you. Give us a call at (813) 629-2228 for a no-cost consultation.