outdoor party lighting

The key to setting the right tone for any event or space is in the lighting. Your outdoor space is an extension of your home and should feel like so. 

As your party guests transition from your home to your outdoor party, make the segue smooth and well-lit. Outdoor lighting can turn your space into a magical and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. 

Lighting is an easy way to make an impact on your space and can give you some creative license to style your space. Whether you are throwing an outdoor summer dinner party or hosting your best friend’s engagement party, there are a few key lighting elements you should consider.

We’ve compiled a list of four things to consider when designing your outdoor party lighting. Read on:

Consider the Hue for Outdoor Party Lighting

All light is not created equal. Different light sources produce lights with different color temperatures and hues. You’d never put a fluorescent light that emulates the sun in your bedside lamp, would you?

Color temperature is an important thing to consider when designing your party lighting. Do you want cool white or a warm white? 

For your outdoor space, choose lights in the warm range that will make for an intimate, cozy outdoor experience. Choose LED’s that can switch between cool and warm based on the event you’re hosting. 

Install Tree Feature Lights

Ideally, you’ve weeded and landscaped your yard to perfection. Your beautiful plants and trees shouldn’t be left in the literal dark. Hire the pros to come install beautiful tree light features that will make your tree trunks glow. 

Lighting your trees will make for optimal outdoor party lighting. Beautiful landscape lighting that illuminates your greenery will create a magical atmosphere for your backyard events. 

Hang Overhead Lighting

Bistro lights are one of the most effective lighting tools for outdoor spaces. Hang them above your outdoor dance floor or patio dining table for a romantic and inviting glow. 

When it comes to outdoor party lighting, you can’t go wrong with overhead chandeliers. An outdoor chandelier is an unexpected outdoor lighting choice; it truly creates a room in the outdoors. With overhead lighting, you’ll add style and decor that will complete your outdoor party aesthetics.  


You just can’t go wrong with candles. Place candles in glass vases for an extra luxe effect.

For a wedding party, put candles around the dance floor or wedding walkway. Hosting a dinner party? Shower your tables with small candles in abundance.

If you have a fountain in your yard, get floating votives and light them just before your guests arrive. 

Keep It Lit

Lighting can make or break the mood at your outdoor event. Make an intimate space that people will feel comfortable in with fantastic lighting choices. Different colors and hues of light can affect people substantially, so make sure yours is perfect for the setting you desire. 

When you’re ready for the outdoor lighting of your dreams, contact us and we will help you keep your outdoor party lit!