Clients ask us all the time, “How important is it to perform maintenance on my landscape lighting?”  Of course, we tell them that it is extremely important for so many reasons.  You have made a significant investment in a product that enhances the beauty of your home and landscaping.  The products we install are of the highest quality but still require a degree of attention on a regular basis.  
Bulbs:  The most important and obvious would be watching out for burned out bulbs, which should be replaced as soon as possible with a bulb of equal wattage.  When a bulb burns out, the system puts more pressure on nearby bulbs causing them to burn faster.
Timers:  Depending on the type of timer you have, you want to make sure the time is set correctly and that the device is turning the system on and off at the desired times.  Incorrect settings can cause the system to be on either too early, burning energy unnecessarily, or too late, diminishing the enjoyment of your lighting.  The latest in timers are self-adjusting for daylight savings and days of the year.
Cleaning of Lenses and Fixtures:  Depending on your water conditions from irrigation, you may see some buildup of hardness on the lenses and fixtures.  Regular cleaning will keep the light shining bright.  Using mild cleaners and a soft brush is a good start, and for stubborn stain, you may need a razor blade on the glass.  Copper and brass will turn in color over time, and may or may not require cleaning.  We do recommend opening the fixture at least once a year, otherwise, corrosion over time may cause the fixture to completely freeze and you won’t be able to access the bulb.  This is even more critical with L.E.D. bulbs that last for many years.
Trimming of Landscaping:  Always make sure that your landscaping stays clear of your lighting.  Over time, landscaping will grow, requiring the need for re-angling or the addition of riser poles for your fixtures.
Cut Lines:  It is critical that cut lines are not only repaired as soon as possible but that the lines are connected with a sealed connection.  We see many situations where an attempt is made to repair the line, but the repair is inadequate.  Even worse the leads on a “home run” line are reversed causing significant damage to the transformer.  We recommend professional attention for not only cut lines but also for loose hubs.
Many of our customers are self-proclaimed “do-it-yourselfers” that handle most or all of the maintenance themselves.  For those who want to leave the work to the professionals, we offer a “Quarterly Maintenance Program” that keeps systems in top shape.  Either way, get the most out of your investment by taking the time to care for your outdoor lighting.  Feel free to email us for troubleshooting tips!
~The Elegant Accents Team