Landscape lighting ideas to try out for your home

5 Spectacular and Gorgeous Landscape Lighting Ideas

Posted on Feb 21

Many people take landscape lighting for granted. No doubt, most enjoy their neighbors’ Tampa landscape lighting designs, but they worry about the costs and efforts involved with installing their own. Custom outdoor lighting adds decoration to your home and provides a feeling of safety, even on the darkest night. A properly lit home exterior will help you relax upon arriving home at the end of a long day. Indeed, landscape lighting methods are becoming more and more popular, and it… Read More

Landscape lighting tips for design ideas

6 Breathtaking and Powerful Landscape Lighting Tips

Posted on Feb 18

Landscape lighting will provide any home or business with a few great advantages. It can add great value to the building and property, add security to deter unwanted guests, enhance the lawn and building appearance, and much more. Landscape lighting can add to the beauty of your nighttime curb appeal by lighting up walkways and driveways for family and friends. It can add light to an attractive outdoor living space for parties or special occasions any time of the year…. Read More

Gorgeous landscape lighting ideas for home

9 Gorgeous Landscaping Lighting Ideas

Posted on Feb 15

Coming up with a good idea for illuminating your landscape may not be easy as it seems. This is especially the case with people who have little knowledge or experience of outdoor lighting. When it comes to thinking of a few good landscape lighting ideas, they become challenged. However, it should not be that hard, and it can actually be a fun experience. That said, below are landscape lighting ideas for your home’s landscape. 1. Find a Theme The theme… Read More

Inventive outdoor lighting ideas for your home

6 Inventive Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Posted on Dec 26

It is possible to utilize outdoor lighting ideas to boost the look and feel of your home and lawn. You can have the best looking house in the neighborhood, but it won’t appear like a show case winner without well-thought out lighting. Well-planned Tampa outdoor lighting can provide your home with a whole new look and make your household feel secure from possible intruders when night falls. Choosing Between Solar or Electrical Before you decide on which outdoor lighting ideas will… Read More

Uplighting vs downlighting for landscape lighting design

Landscape Lighting Design: Downlighting Vs. Uplighting

Posted on Nov 16

Your curb appeal is just as important as the interior decor choices when creating a design concept for your home. Therefore, you should make it a point to carefully plan any upgrades or additions, especially in regards to landscape design. For instance, landscape lighting can make or break your curb appeal. Yet, as much as the overall look of your landscapes matters, you still want to have good lighting. You should always try to work with design professionals when incorporating your landscape lighting…. Read More

Common landscape lighting problems

Solutions to Common Landscape Lighting Problems

Posted on Oct 09

When most homeowners consider installing landscaping, they’re thinking about designing an outdoor oasis full of lush greenery and colorful flowers. They’re thinking of trees to shade seating areas and provide privacy from neighboring yards. They’re thinking of an expanse of soft grass where kids can play. What some people fail to consider until after installing their landscaping is how they will use their yard space after dark. Although most houses have outdoor lighting at the entryways, this simply might not… Read More

Your outdoor lighting cannot only add to your landscape design, but if done correctly can also improve your home safety, too.

Path Lighting Basics for Outdoor Security

Posted on Sep 02

Well-lit walkways are an essential part of any outdoor lighting design, mainly so that residents and visitors can safely move around the property after dark. The last thing you want is for someone who arrives late to stumble their way up the drive or walkway and suffer an injury in the process. Illuminating pathways has other purposes, as well. For example, you naturally want to create attractive outdoor spaces for the purposes of curb appeal or evening events. Plus, you… Read More

Proper lighting not only enhances the visual appeal of your home, but can also save you from being the next target of an intruder.

Outdoor Lighting Tips to Increase Your Home Security

Posted on Aug 25

There are a number of ways to make your home secure. Many homeowners install alarm systems to inform them (and the authorities) of an intrusion. Some go so far as to place surveillance cameras at entryways. Others rely only on deadbolts and guard dogs. However, you can enhance all of your systems when you install appropriate security lighting to scare away would-be intruders or even help you catch their faces on camera. If you want to use outdoor lighting to… Read More

Are you overwhelmed by the choices you have when it comes to adding lighting to your home? Elegantly accent your home's architectural features with these tips.

How to Highlight Your Home’s Architectural Features With Lighting

Posted on Aug 11

Whether your home features Victorian embellishments or it’s an ultra-modern assembly of flat planes and harsh angles, it’s possible to highlight the architectural features you adore with the outdoor lighting you choose. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. Practical versus Aesthetic Lighting When incorporating new design elements, it is said that form follows function. In other words, you first have to take practical considerations into account before addressing creative aspects of your design. In terms of architectural lighting,… Read More

Upgrading your garden lighting can transform your backyard to the peaceful oasis and entertaining space you've always dreamed of.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Garden Landscape Lighting

Posted on Jul 22

Backyard gardens have always been important havens of solitude for world-weary homeowners, as well as venues for entertaining family members and friends, weather permitting. Some homeowners go to great lengths to include landscaping that makes their garden feel lush, inviting, private, and more. This helps to transport visitors to another world, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The Great Recession made outdoor living spaces even more important as belt-tightening forced families to forego their plans of upgrading… Read More