Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Tampa Homeowners

If you’ve been looking for ways to make your landscape truly shine, you’re likely in the market for some outdoor lighting ideas that really hit home on your goals and preferences. Whether you want outdoor lighting ideas that focus on completely new installations, or you simply need some inspiration that you can run with, we’ve compiled some of the more popular ideas for Tampa landscape lighting.

If you’re looking for outdoor lighting in Tampa or a fresh take on how to plan your landscape lighting, follow along.

Add Beauty and Efficiency with LED Outdoor Lighting

Of all of the outdoor lighting ideas, you consider, installing LEDs is more on the practical side. LED lighting offers a massive range of benefits, from drastically reduced energy use and extended bulb lifespans, to better performance in inclement weather. Perhaps even better in the context of lighting ideas and design, LED light is some of the cleanest, clearest light you can install in your landscape. If you’re looking to illuminate the outdoors in ways that you’ll love, incorporating LED fixtures is a superior choice.

Highlight Hardscape Features That You Love

If you’re particularly proud of your patio or you love the new cobblestone driveway you’ve recently installed, light it up! Creative lighting options like uplighting, pendants, standing lanterns, and wash lighting can ensure that you can enjoy your favorite landscape features no matter the hour. As a bonus, well-lit areas have been proven to improve safety by reducing the risk of falls or injury once the sun goes down.

Illuminate Your Poolside

Especially during these hot summer months, having a home pool in Tampa can be an absolute godsend. But once night has fallen, you may find that your standard pool lighting leaves much to be desired. Making use of more unique pool lighting options like fiber optic lights, professionally-designed underwater lights, and look side floodlighting can ensure you get the maximum enjoyment that your pool has to offer.

Hidden and Recessed Outdoor Lighting

Considering recessed lighting and other sources of hidden light provides a whole new aspect to consider when you’re going over outdoor lighting ideas. With hidden LED lights you can implement these outdoor lighting ideas:

  • Brighten up steps to your patio or pool—adds beauty and safety!
  • Light up outdoor living areas without needlessly taking up space with fixtures
  • Create dynamic lighting around or in trees and other plant features
  • Illuminate your porch or entry door area without using eye-searing uncovered fixtures

Bolster Home Security with Motion-Sensing Lights

Outdoor lighting has been shown to not only improve your personal safety but also as an effective means of deterring vandalism. Trouble is, lights need to be on to accomplish this, and it’s not particularly energy-efficient to keep the lights on all night. Motion-sensing lights solve the problem, allowing for strategic light placement that operates on an “as-needed” basis.

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