Ideas for adding outdoor LED lighting to your property.


Residential landscape lighting can be developed to cover a wide variety of needs and has become one of the most popular methods of home improvement in recent years. However, most homeowners struggle with exactly what they need and want. Where do you start? How do you define your goals, and which lighting types suit your project best? Follow along while we provide some outdoor LED lighting ideas that are both popular and effective.

Figuring Out Your Lighting Goals

Any successful project must begin with a clearly defined goal. In terms of outdoor lighting, things can get complex fairly quickly because lighting can suit multiple purposes. In order to nail your outdoor lighting design, decide if you’re shooting for:

  • Improving task lighting – Functionality focused lighting tends to meet specific needs, such as patio lighting that focuses on providing ample light for navigation, or outdoor kitchen lighting that allows for easier cooking. Task lighting can also be safety-focused, such as path lighting to help avoid tripping or injury.
  • Adding home security – Well-designed outdoor security lighting focuses on entry doors, windows, and on minimizing shadows around areas of the home that are at risk.
  • Increasing aesthetic appeal – Improving the beauty of your landscape is the most unfocused goal overall, but only because it can mean nearly anything. What looks great to you is entirely up to your personal tastes and the existing features of your soft and hardscape.

Of course, properly selected and planned outdoor LED lighting can be used to accomplish all of these goals at once, particularly if you partner with an experienced landscape lighting company. In order to get the outdoor LED lighting that will satisfy your needs best, it’s important to know what your goals are before the project begins.

Outdoor LED Lighting Ideas

Outdoor LED lighting fixtures come in a dizzying array of types, all best suited to different applications or lighting projects.

Here are some of the most popular and versatile options for Tampa Landscape Lighting:

  • Spotlighting – Mounted spotlights can be used for either downlight or uplighting, and are very effective for enhancing the look of particular features you love about your home.
  • Hanging lights – Hanging lights are ideal for use as patio and pool lighting, creating an aesthetically-pleasing look that provides task lighting while not taking up usable space.
  • Silhouette lighting – Silhouette lighting refers to creatively using uplighting by placing it behind particular features, casting a set of shrubs or trees into partial light that creates a lot of visual interest.
  • LED Garden lights – Garden lights are an aesthetically-focused choice that is perfect for homeowners who are proud of the time, effort, and resources they have put into their garden or landscape water features.
  • LED patio lighting – Using LED fixtures like lanterns, wall lights, step lights, and pendants offer illumination both for the safety of your family and guests and for ensuring there’s plenty of light to see by while enjoying company.

Why Choose Outdoor LED Lighting?

Many homeowners see the slightly higher price point of an LED lighting fixture and begin to steer clear on reflex. This can be a big mistake! Outdoor LED lighting is the best option for outfitting your home’s exterior for three major reasons:

  1. LED lights to use far less electricity — as little as one-tenth.
  2. LED light bulbs last for many years longer than CFL or fluorescent fixtures
  3. LED lights are extremely safe, as they do not produce any heat

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