High quality lighting installation will transform your home into an oasis!


As homeowners, we try to do whatever we can to improve the look and appearance of our home. In many instances, the word “oasis” comes to mind as people upgrade their landscape, swimming pools, gardens, and more.

The truth is, making your home an oasis is entirely possible and the use of outdoor LED landscape lighting is your first step toward making that goal a reality. Let’s look at a few principles of LED lighting installation that you should consider along with a few benefits.

Best Techniques for Proper Lighting Installation

Making your home an oasis will take a good deal of time and dedication. LED lighting installation will help set the groundwork for this endeavor. Below, we’ve outlined the best techniques that will allow you to decide on the proper LED lighting design and usage for your home.

Figure Out the Outdoor Lighting Style

How you approach the outdoor lighting style will make a big difference on the overall appearance of your landscape. Perhaps you want to match the outdoor lighting with your indoor lighting? Or maybe you’d like to create a landscape design where the lighting is nearly invisible? If you’re unsure of exactly what you want to accomplish, seek the advice of professionals.

Decide Which Fixtures Will Work Best

No matter what style you’re going for, you’ll be presented with numerous lighting options. Some of these will include lamp posts, outdoor fixtures, path lights, driveway lights, wall sconces, and more. These can all be used together in a nearly countless number of possible combinations that will enhance the look of your home, provide security, and other such benefits.

Balance with Aesthetics and Security

Before you make any decisions on lighting options, walk around your landscape and make note of any areas that you would like lights to focus on. This could be your home’s architecture itself or a garden that would be more aesthetically pleasing if it could be more easily viewed. Also make note of any dark areas where lighting would help increase your home’s overall security.

Consider Outdoor Lighting Ratings

A lot of homeowners probably don’t really know what outdoor lighting ratings really mean. You need to select outdoor lighting that is either wet-rated if it could be exposed to the rain or damp-rated if it’s used in a sheltered environment that could potentially become damp. You should also check your local code requirements and see if any may apply. For instance, Dark Sky compliance indicates that outdoor lights must be pointed downward to reduce light pollution.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting Installation

As you can see, making your home an oasis with the use of outdoor LED lighting is possible with just a few simple techniques. Whether your goal is to create an oasis or not, LED landscape lighting will provide you with these benefits:

  • Better Curb Appeal — If you want to immediately improve your home’s curb appeal, LED lighting will do the trick.
  • Provides Clarity — These gorgeous lights will bring out you home’s details by providing additional clarity.
  • Offers Safety — With more lighting around your home, household members and visitors will feel safer and your home will be more secure.
  • Increases Value — Although LED lighting is an inexpensive addition to your home, it will add to the perceived value if you ever place it on the market.
  • Spend Quality Time with Friends and Family – Your home will become the go-to meeting place for your close family and friends thanks to your newly installed outdoor lighting! This addition will be perfect for game nights or simple catch-up get-togethers!

Contact Elegant Accents for Help with Making Your Home an Oasis

Making your home an oasis is a lot easier when you have experienced lighting professionals by your side. As the most trusted lighting company in Tampa, Elegant Accents can assist you with new installations of LED lighting, replacement of aging fixtures, basic maintenance, and more. To learn about our lighting installation services, on-demand service, or our holiday light installation options, call our team at (813) 629-2228 to schedule a free lighting demo today!