What are some of the benefits of low voltage lighting?

You often see outdoor lighting used to beautify residential homes, but you it can also be useful for commercial properties. Low voltage outdoor lighting has been gaining popularity for many reasons, so, if you are still unsure about whether you should invest in it for your office, the 10 reasons below may just convince you.

Aesthetics Appeal

Aesthetics is the top benefit of outdoor lights. Outdoor lighting can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere that can ultimately make your property stand out and attract more customers. Low voltage lights are known for having better color quality, so they can certainly add visual appeal.

Highlighted Architecture

Another aesthetic benefit to installing lights on your exterior is it highlights the beautiful features of your commercial property. With the right outdoor landscape lighting, you can accentuate your building’s architecture and make a statement.


Another benefit of getting low voltage outdoor lighting is safety. Lighting up your exterior will help make customers feel safer while navigating your property at night. They can see better in the dark, so they can avoid hazards like rocks and stones can cause them to trip and fall.

Low voltage lights are less likely to cause electrical shocks since they only use 12 volts, which is significantly less than the 120 volts in traditional bulbs. They also have weatherproof capabilities to minimize hazards when it rains or gets wet outside.


Security is another top reason why outdoor light fixtures are suitable for commercial properties. Adequate light allows your security cameras to pick up your surroundings more accurately, so they can better catch intruders. Your security personnel may also be able to prevent break-ins since they have more visibility outside.

Design Flexibility

In most cases, low-voltage light bulbs are smaller, giving you significantly more flexibility with your lighting design. It is particularly helpful for lighting up the tight and narrow spaces where incandescent bulbs cannot be properly fit. Likewise, low voltage lighting comes in a more extensive variety of light bulbs and beam sizes than line voltage lighting, so you have better customization options.

Easy Installation

If you are worried about downtime in your office, the good news is that it is easy to install low voltage lights. Since they use a lower electricity current, you need not worry about the risk of injury during installation. Of course, having professionals do the work is still recommended, but since they are easier to install, you can expect little to no disturbance in your property.

Long Lifespan

Low voltage LED bulbs are quickly growing in popularity, and these are known for their long lifespan. LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours, which is much longer than incandescent bulbs that last only about 2,000 to 5,000 hours. Thus, you need not worry about replacing your bulbs often.


Installing low voltage outdoor lights is a cost-effective investment. Since the low voltage system uses less electricity, you can expect to spend less on your bills. The lights, installation, and maintenance are also affordable, so no need to break the bank. Add in the other benefits you get from exterior lights, and you can get significant returns on your investment.

Energy Efficiency

Low voltage lights consume less energy than traditional bulbs, more so if you choose LED lighting. Energy efficiency can raise the value of your property, so you can ultimately get better returns on your investment later.


Lights can make your property more visible, which is a must for commercial properties. You want to make sure customers can see your name and building, so installing the right lights will help you achieve that.

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