Where should you add new lights to your front yard?


Choosing lighting fixtures for your home or commercial property can be a fun and exciting process. The primary goal for several homeowners in installing lights for front of house is to bring attention to the house itself. The right type of landscape lighting installation can highlight the home. Outdoor lights for the front of house can help enhance exterior areas, but outdoor lighting does not have to be an aesthetic choice alone.

As a homeowner, you will want to ensure that the lighting fixture is suited for practical use in the intended area when choosing the outdoor lights. Outdoor light fixtures can also provide safety and security at night. Lighting fixtures should be positioned appropriately to emphasize the architectural features and the walls of the house. There are different styles, sizes, and outdoor lights for front of house, but where can you best place your lighting features?

 Where Should You Install Lights for the Front of House?

There are several elements you can consider when picking exterior lights for front of house. You should determine the size, placement, and purpose of your outdoor lights. There are fun ways to be creative with lighting placements in various outdoor locations.

Outdoor lighting has grown in popularity in many homes. While the goal is to enhance the curb appeal of your home, keep in mind that safety should also be a priority in the placement of your lights.

For entrances, a well-lit front entry creates a welcoming vibe for guests. Outdoor landscape lighting for the front ensures safe passage and gives the first impression of the property. Front porch lights can also highlight doorways, stoops, and doorknobs. Accent lights can be useful lighting solutions for dark porches and walkways.

There is a range of looks and lighting designs so you can customize your home or commercial landscape to your preferred liking and purpose. Most individuals choosing the lighting design would prefer outdoor wall lights to emphasize the façade of the home, but some also look at installing hanging pendants and ceiling lights. Using wall lighting on each side of the door frame is a common choice for a symmetrical look, but some people put one lightbulb near the doorknob to provide enough lighting.

When placing lights for front of house with a garden statue or topiary, you can position several spotlights with various angles toward the item you want to illuminate. Playing with lights and shadows can create a dramatic effect to expose silhouettes and layers.

If you are big into gardening, you may use path lights to highlight your prized plants. Bright lights can be toned down or obscured. You may disguise your lighting fixtures with plants and other ornaments while maintaining the function of your outdoor lights.

Path Lights for Front of House

Path lights not only assist you on an outdoor path but can also be used to highlight significant features of your garden or commercial landscape. Whether simple or fancy, path lights can also help with the safety and the security of your guests. Homeowners who want to avoid the bland airport runway look with path lights should be pleased to know that there are other ways to position these outdoor lighting fixtures.

Spacing is a key element when it comes to pathway lights for front of house. Keep your lights apart at a span of 10 to 15 feet. To create a better sense of balance along the walkway, homeowners may use staggered lights.

Others also put path lights on different locations, such as on the floors, walls, and fence to save space. The steps can also be an ideal place to install path lighting while highlighting your home entrance.

Deck Lights

You do not have to use the standard bulbs that are typically used for path lights. To create a lighter vibe at home, some homeowners now install string lights outdoors. Hanging bulbs can be used as deck lights and placed in the backyard that invites a fun mood.

Outdoor hanging lights offer warm and ambient lighting with different lighting designs. Homeowners prefer to install LED landscape lighting to be energy efficient.

Larger light fixtures like outdoor ceiling fans with lights keep decks well-lit at night and add a cool breeze for hot summer nights. Outdoor chandeliers have also grown in popularity to create a more elaborate ambience in outdoor landscape lighting.

Nowadays, outdoor landscape lighting can come in many forms. There is a wide range of lighting designs available in the market that can suit different tastes. Outdoor landscape lighting installation does not need to be difficult because there are many practical lighting solutions. Place lights for front of house purposefully and upgrade the overall look of your property!