How to complete basic lighting maintenance to keep outdoor lighting working properly.

Outdoor landscape lighting is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to improve the look and feel of your home. The installation is inexpensive, the results are magnificent, and maintenance is simple and straightforward.

In fact, lighting maintenance only needs to be done periodically and can usually be completed without the assistance of a professional. Today, we’re going to show you six simple steps that will keep your Tampa landscape lighting looking great with minimal effort, yet allow you to achieve maximum results.

Remove Overgrown Vegetation

The first thing you should do to maintain quality LED landscape lighting is concentrate on any overgrown vegetation that has either become unsightly, blocked the lighting, or both. Items such as plants, shrubs, or even trees that are causing an issue should be either trimmed back or removed altogether. This will help prevent damage to the lighting fixtures and improve illumination. Plus, by doing this first, the rest of the steps will be a lot easier to complete.

Remove Debris Around Fixtures

Like most areas, outdoor lighting is prone to various types of debris. This can include anything from dirt and mud to birds’ nests and falling branches. It doesn’t take too long before this causes your landscape to appear unattractive and a bit messy, so be sure to remove anything that doesn’t belong. If you have any kind of gardening or landscaping service conducted at regular intervals, make sure they’re focusing on this part of lighting maintenance, too.

Look for Any Damage

Once vegetation and debris have been taken care of, check for any damage to the fixtures. For a variety of reasons, but especially Florida weather, you may discover corrosion, dented metal, or possibly a broken lens. Also, look for any wires that have become either exposed or damaged because of weather that’s eroded away the ground surrounding it or possibly been dug up by kids or animals. This is especially important because these wires can present a hazard if left alone.

Switch Out the Bulbs, If Needed

Outdoor lighting fixtures are extremely well-made and resilient, but it’s always exposed to the elements and can become damaged, as noted above. However, even though LED bulbs almost never need replacing, the illumination level may go down after years of use. If you’ve noticed a change, especially when compared to your other landscape lights, replacing the bulb as part of your lighting maintenance will fix this problem.

Clean Up the Fixtures Themselves

Most of the time, all you need to clean each fixture is soap, water, and a cloth. If there’s caked-on dirt or grime, however, you may want to use a non-abrasive cleaning agent for the job. Start by concentrating on the plastic or metal components of the fixture. With metal, you may need to use a polish and/or a coat of wax. Then, turn your attention to the glass lenses which can often be done with soap and water or, for more difficult cleanings, a CLR and Brillo pad.

Check the Fixture Positions

Now that everything is nice and clean, and your landscape is looking awesome, it’s time to check your landscape lighting fixture positions. What you’re basically looking for here is to ensure that the outdoor areas are still being illuminated properly. This usually isn’t a problem because the fixtures were positioned at the time of installation, but they could have been jostled by someone bumping into them. Or perhaps you have new landscape features that you would like to highlight.

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