backyard bbq

Hosting a backyard BBQ is not just an American summer tradition. Did you know that barbecues are actually a staple of American politics too? And not just the political debates that BBQ goers can get in to!

Political BBQs were held during Colonial times in Virginia as a way for candidates to win votes. President Lyndon Johnson held the first White House BBQ in the 1960s, and since then, every president since has held a BBQ.

While you’re probably not looking to hold a BBQ to win political office, you still want your next barbecue to be great. Read on for seven tips to light up your next BBQ.

A Backyard BBQ to Remember

1. Send a Paper Invite

Sure, you could fire off a few texts or set up a Facebook event, but there is something charming about receiving a paper invite in the mail.

Surprise your guests by inviting them the old-fashioned way. And use your invite to give them a taste of your BBQ’s theme.

2. Pick a Theme

Speaking of themes, pick one! Choosing a theme for your backyard BBQ will make decorating easy and will make your guests feel like they’re at a party, not just hanging out in your yard.

Need some inspiration? You could do a luau BBQ with beachy decor, or a camping themed soiree with plaid blankets, s’mores, and a roaring fire.

3. Create a Signature Drink

Along with beer and wine, be sure to stock up on bar staples so you can make everyone’s favorite drinks. To make your night something everyone remembers, consider coming up with a signature drink for the BBQ: mojitos, margaritas, spiked punch, and sangria are just a few of the possibilities.

You could also make a refreshing and tasty water infusion (such as lavender lemonade) for those who don’t drink.

4. Offer More Than the Standard BBQ Fare

Burgers and hot dogs are great, but you can make your backyard BBQ extra special by expanding your menu.

You could use the slow cooker to make pulled pork for sandwiches, or you could set up a pizza station. Pizza on the grill is quick, delicious, and a little unexpected!

5. Don’t Forget About Games

If you usually just set up the sound system and pull the cover off the pool, you might want to consider adding a few games to the evening. Bocce ball is a great choice as it’s easy to learn, easy to play, and doesn’t require too much space.

If your friends aren’t the outdoor game type, set up a few tables for cards or board games.

6. Consider the Lighting

You don’t want your guests to find themselves in the dark as the night (and party) goes on. Be sure to have ample outdoor lighting to keep the games and conversation going.

Candles and fire pits are good ways to add light and make the atmosphere seem cozy. You might consider adding deck lighting as well, which will make grilling as the sun goes down much easier.

7. Keep the Bugs Away

Nothing puts a damper on an evening outdoors quite like mosquitoes. Citronella candles are one good option for scaring off mosquitoes. Another method is to add a bundle of sage to the grill once you’re finished cooking.

Using glasses with lids or covers will keep away flies and bees. Don’t forget to cover up the food too!

Keep the Party Going

Following the above tips will have your guests staying long after dessert is finished. One more tip? Have a late-night snack prepared that you can put out.

After throwing this great party, yours is going to be the backyard to visit. But if your backyard lighting could use some work, consider having a professional come in. Elegant Accents can help make your backyard lighting dreams a reality.

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