LED security lights make a huge difference for your property’s safety.

Installing outdoor security lights provides homeowners with a quality layer of defense that is designed to deter criminal activity. To many homeowners, having security lights in place means little more than tossing a couple motion-activated lights near entry doors.

Let’s investigate LED security lights, and the advantages that a professionally designed Tampa Landscape Lighting can provide.

Proper Security Lighting Requires Smart Design

One of the most common mistakes we see made in security lighting installation is not considering the actual goals of security lighting. A properly designed system should:

  • Cover vulnerable areas such as entry doors, ground floor windows, and basement access points
  • Minimize shadow as much as possible to avoid creating areas for intruders to hide in
  • Reduce glare and other visual impediments, both for your sake and that of your neighbors

For all of the above purposes, LED security lights are ideal. They provide clean, efficient light that is great for dispelling shadows in large swathes of your landscape. Additionally, LED lights provide bright light, but light that is easily directed. This means you get security lighting where you need it, without blinding the neighborhood.

There’s More to Security Lighting Than Motion Lights

The largest flaw in motion-activated lighting is the idea behind them is to “spook and startle” potential intruders. It’s an okay goal overall, however the better goal is to completely deter theft and vandalism by keeping your landscape illuminated. Motion lights play a role and a good set of LED motion lights positioned at doorways and basement entry areas can do a lot for home security but used alone they’re simply ineffective.

LED Security Lights Can be Kept On

Keeping your lights on all night is imperative — once the lights go out, your defenses mean nothing. This can be problematic with traditional light sources, as keeping 5, 10, or even more landscape lights active twenty-four hours a day can become prohibitively expensive quickly. Modern landscape LED lighting takes up roughly 10% of the energy compared to other sources of light, which always keeps your security lighting intact and cost-efficient.

Security Lighting Can Be Attractive

Security lights are often discussed in conjunction with aesthetic landscape lighting, LED garden lights, and other light sources. The truth is all of these can be considered security lighting. The primary goal is to illuminate, and this can absolutely be done with aesthetics and attractive design in mind.

Creating buffers against intrusion can go hand in hand with path lighting, driveway lights, outdoor kitchen and patio lighting, and more. In fact, done correctly this is the right way to go. The best outdoor security lights work in-tandem with your lighting preferences and provide you with a beautiful landscape that keeps threats at bay while also serving your other night lighting needs.

LED Security Lights Minimize Pests

In our area bugs are as real a threat as any home intruder. We contend with mosquitoes, flies, and plenty else. One of the biggest bonuses of LED lights, and one of the lesser known facts, is that they don’t attract bugs like other lights do! This is since LED’s don’t generate heat, and they produce extremely small amounts of light on the UV spectrum, which are what attract bugs to other light sources.

LED Landscape Lighting in Tampa from Elegant Accents Lighting

If you’re keen on the advantages that LED security lights can provide for your home, look to the professionals at Elegant Accents. Security lighting is very important to homeowners and we strive to put our experience and knowledge to work in order to help you design a system that works well and looks fantastic.

Find out more about LED security lights from our Lighting company in Tampa by calling today to schedule a no-cost consultation.