Learn How LED Landscape Lighting Can Reduce Your Power Bill

The push to convert to LED landscape lighting has been strong for years now. The advantages of these new installations are touted over and over again, the most notable being how you’ll save so much money by switching! But can LED lights actually save you all that much money?

Why Does LED Landscape Lighting Use Less Power?

The objective of any bulb is to generate light, of course. How an LED bulb accomplishes this differs greatly from how a traditional incandescent bulb does. Older incandescent bulbs light generates light by running a current through a filament. The filament heats up to a very high temperature, and thus produces light. This process works, but is very energy-intensive, especially when compared to how an LED light produces light.

LEDs are semiconductors that convert electrons directly into light, meaning you don’t have to rely on heat to produce the light. This process is substantially more efficient, effectively cutting the power needed (wattage) down to one-tenth!

How Much Can You Save by Switching to LED Lighting?

Knowing LED landscape lighting is more efficient is important, but it still doesn’t tell you what exactly you’ll save. The answer to this depends on how much landscape lighting you actually have, and how often you use it. However, you can get a good estimate by using a calculation that takes into account the power needed to run the bulb, and how many hours the bulb is used in a day. Since your power company charges according to kilowatt-hour (kWh).

Whatever number you came up with this scenario, you can cut it down to 1/10th if you swap to LED landscape lighting. The difference is huge, and long-term you can stand to save a ton.

There are considerations, of course. LED lights tend to cost more per bulb, which is noteworthy. However, the sheer energy savings alone are enough to make the investment worthwhile. Add in that LEDs outlast other fixture types by many years, and you have a true value, a good investment, and bright, clean light all throughout your gorgeous landscape.

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