How much energy do LED landscape lights use and how will they affect your energy bill?


Landscape lighting systems make a huge impact in the way your property looks and feels whether you’re adding path lights, garden lights, patio lights, driveway lights, or any other type of illumination. As with most other things, of course, the cost of operation is always a concern. This is especially true these days when most homeowners are concerned with their monthly electric bill.

We talk a lot about the lower energy usage of an LED outdoor lighting system, but we rarely translate that to actual monetary savings.

Let’s rectify that right now by first looking at a few key questions…

Why Do LED Landscape Lights Use Less Electricity?

Millions of homeowners have used incandescent bulbs for their outdoor lighting systems, but in recent years, many have been making the switch to LED lights. This is often because LEDs use much less electricity and, therefore, last longer and cost less.

The reason LED lights use less electricity is rather simple. With incandescent bulbs, a piece of wire called a filament heats up to emit light. This heating process requires much more electricity than an LED, which works by passing an electrical current through the bulb, which then produces the light. Since this doesn’t require nearly as much heat – in fact, almost none – much less electricity is used.

How Much Electricity Do LED Landscape Lights Use?

There are different types of LED bulbs, typically categorized by the amount of voltage they use. To give you an example of how they compare to incandescent bulbs, a low-voltage LED light will use approximately 15-20% of the electricity that’s needed for an incandescent bulb to produce the same degree of illumination. This considerable difference is often enough to convince a homeowner to install a new LED lighting system or switch out the bulbs in their existing lighting fixtures.

How Much Does It Cost to Run Landscape Lighting?

How much it costs to run your home’s landscape lighting will obviously depend on the size of the system, but we can calculate a pretty good average for the sake of discussion. Let’s say that the cost of your electricity is 12-13 cents per kilowatt (KW) hour, which is the measurement of electricity usage. If you have a lighting setup with 20 lights that are using 8-watt LEDs and running five hours a day, you’ll use approximately 18 KW per month.

Whereas this will only cost you approximately $5 each month, an equivalent setup using incandescent bulbs could cost you nearly five times that amount. This obviously makes LED landscape lights a much better financial choice.

Other Benefits of Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting

When professionals install a high-quality outdoor LED landscape lighting system, you can always expect to save energy and money every month. In addition to this cost savings, you’ll also receive other benefits such as:

Improved Curb Appeal

A big reason why homeowners use outdoor LED landscape lighting is to improve the appearance of their home. This allows you to have better curb appeal by focusing on your home’s architecture, creating shadows and depth, and other lighting design techniques.

Safety and Security

The installation of outdoor lighting means visitors will be able to see your property more clearly, which can be especially helpful for those with vision issues. This also helps improve security because would-be trespassers and other criminals are less likely to approach a properly illuminated home.

Increases Value

The increase of your home’s value occurs in two ways. First, it works in a practical sense because you’re installing equipment on the property that automatically increases its physical value. Second, it works in a virtual sense because the improved curb appeal will give it a higher perceived value.

Eco-Friendly Lights

LED lights are better for the environment because they use less energy and only need to be replaced after a decade or two, which means they won’t show up on landfills as often. Plus, these types of lights don’t contain dangerous chemicals that might leak into the soil.

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