Landscape lighting repair and troubleshooting tips.

It can be both frustrating and daunting trying to solve issues related to landscape lighting. Before you become too concerned, let’s go over the basics of troubleshooting landscape lights. Your problem could very well be an easy and quick fix!

Starting with the Simplest Answers

Even more frustrating than malfunctioning lights, calling on a professional lighting team for landscape lighting repair when it turns out that the problem was very simple is extremely agitating. We don’t suggest ever performing any electrical work on your own, as it is very unsafe! Before you start making calls and opening your wallet, check for these very common causes of landscape lighting failure:

Look at Your Transformer

All low-wattage and LED landscape lighting systems utilize a transformer to safely step-down the power output to your fixtures. Before anything else, locate your transformer — usually found on an exterior wall nearby an outdoor rated outlet —and check to be sure everything is sound. You’ll want to be sure that:

  • All connections within the transformer are secure
  • The timer is set correctly to engage your lights in the evening
  • That the transformer has power

Inspect Any Associated GFCI Outlets

If the transformer seems fine, next move to the outlet associated with the transformer. You need to determine if this outlet is receiving power. While there are outlet testing kits, the easier solution is to simply plug any electrical device into the outlet. A power tool, your phone charger, or any other appliance will do. If the outlet does not provide power, first try simply resetting it with the reset button located in the center of the outlet. If this does not restore power, you may need to move on to your breaker box.

Check Your Breaker Box

When breakers inside your control panel detect overloading, they will trip. This shuts off power to the associated circuit in order to prevent electrical damage. Find the breaker that corresponds with your outdoor outlet, and be sure it is engaged correctly. If the breaker is tripped, you can simply shift it back into position to restore power.

Be careful! Breaker trips are a common problem in most homes, but you’ll want to call on an electrician for landscape lighting repair if any of the following happens:

  • The breaker immediately trips again, or trips soon after re engaging
  • After engaging, the breaker begins humming
  • The breaker gets too hot while operating

Look for Damaged Wiring

If troubleshooting the transformer, breakers, and outlets did nothing for your situation, it’s time to begin checking your landscape lighting wiring. Damaged wiring is also the most likely problem if only a specific section if your landscape lighting refuses to operate. Everything from a wayward lawnmower or power tool, to mischievous squirrels may cause cuts, breaks, or cinches in your wiring that can lead to a loss of power.

If you do locate a damaged portion of wiring, we highly recommend that you do not mess with it! Even low-wattage electrical systems can pose serious risks, and especially when they’re damaged. If your problem is damaged or worn out lighting, it’s time to call on a professional for landscape lighting repair.

LED Landscape Lighting in Tampa

Whether you’re dealing with a simple malfunctioning transformer, or your outdoor lighting wiring has been damaged, you can count on Elegant Accents. Our professional-level landscape lighting repair services are second to none, providing your household with affordable, dependable solutions that guarantee that your Tampa Landscape Lighting will work like its supposed to.

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