What are some great landscape lighting ideas for your home?


With the right design, LED landscape lighting will improve your home’s appearance, make it more attractive for future buyers, provide additional safety and security, and even allow you to show off a little bit. The real beauty of professional lighting design and installation is that multiple techniques are at your disposal that will allow you to properly show off your landscape and the home itself. To help you out, we’ve compiled some of our favorite landscape lighting ideas that will help you become the envy of all your neighbors.

Highlight the Home’s Architecture

If you truly want your home to look fantastic (and who doesn’t?), then you should focus lighting on its architecture as a way to help enhance the overall landscape. Many homeowners will do this in a very direct way with the use of up lighting and other techniques. Another option is the use of accent lighting, which subtly draws the eye’s attention to areas that you would like to put more of a focus on.

Illuminate Pathways and Stairs

If you want to make someone’s visit to your home something special, then illuminating the pathways and stairs leading up to it is the perfect way to go. Popular options for walkways going straight to the door include lamps on either side every few feet or what basically function as strips of path lights that follow the walkway’s entire length. For stairs, many homeowners go with lights on the sides or recessed lighting embedded into the stairs themselves.

Focus on Landscape Set Pieces

The most popular types of outdoor lighting designs are often those that draw attention to specific areas. If you have rock formations, a fountain, or any other kind of centerpiece within your landscape, you can use LED landscape lighting to make them a primary focus. This also goes for trees, flowers, and other types of vegetation that are just begging to be in the limelight!

Create a Three-Dimensional Effect

Outdoor lighting design isn’t just about setting up lights, turning them on, and then everything looks fantastic. Proper design takes planning and execution to make the area look perfect. By positioning lights in just the right places, a professional will be able to create a layered, three-dimensional effect that will give your landscape depth and personality.

Strategically Hide the Lights

In many instances, lights will become either a central or secondary part of the landscape. It’s not difficult to see why since there are so many different types and styles available. With some landscape lighting options, however, you may want to achieve illumination without actually seeing where it’s coming from. These hidden lights can be placed within bushes, in trees, or amongst rocks so as to hide their presence while maintaining illumination.

Add Lights to Your Home’s Garden

If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve slaved over the appearance and maybe even the functionality of your garden, depending on what you’ve planted there. Whether you opt for flowers or maybe a vegetable or two, highlighting this specific area can be very appealing. Setting up small lights around the perimeter works great, as does placing lights at a bit of a distance and then focusing them on the garden.

Moon Lighting for a Natural Look

There are so many options when installing outdoor landscaping lighting that it can be difficult to decide which would be best for your home. Many homeowners want to achieve a uniquely natural appearance by placing lights high up in trees and then pointing those lights downward. When done properly, this gives the illusion of moonlight shining directly onto your backyard.

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