How landscape lighting will benefit your property.

There’s no denying the visual appeal and enjoyment that can be derived when you install landscape lighting. Especially if you choose LED landscape lighting fixtures, which offer superior visibility and beauty. But are there any other big benefits to installing outdoor lights? Can landscape lighting do more than simply make your home’s exterior more attractive? It sure can.

Landscape Lighting Offers Better Safety

Extensive studies have found that unlit home exteriors can prove to be exceptionally unsafe, particularly for adults at an advanced age. In the study, a particular statement about causes for accidents and falls stands out: “…frequently attributable to modifiable environmental factors.” What were some of the most easily modifiable factors the study found? Improving poor outdoor lighting.

Visibility is crucial to navigation, regardless of your age. This makes the idea to install landscape lighting a very good one from a safety perspective. Some of the most notable outdoor lighting installations for safety include:

  • Installing path and driveway lighting
  • Installing step lighting
  • Using floodlighting to add sufficient light to larger exterior areas
  • Installing adequate lighting on porches and patios, as well as near entry doors

In addition to the obvious safety advantages, outdoor lighting can look absolutely phenomenal as well. This makes these installations very practical, as you can increase safety while also enhancing the beauty of your home!

Landscape Lighting Improves Home Security

There exists solid evidence that supports the idea that proper outdoor lighting installations can enhance home security and reduce the possibility of burglary and vandalism. However, we do want to stress the point that design plays very heavily into this. A poorly designed outdoor lighting setup can actually create more shadows, and deeper shadows as well. This leads to you inadvertently providing cover for criminals, rather than keeping them at bay.

The best methods to focus on when you install landscape lighting include:

  • Sufficient lighting around entry doors
  • Good lighting design that effectively illuminates windows
  • Motion-activated lighting, which can be shown to be effective in startling criminals away
  • Using LED lighting — a New York study found that LED lighting in particular shows increased crime-prevention benefits, as the light is stronger and clearer.

Landscape lighting can play a very important role in your overall home security. However, it’s crucial that you enlist the assistance of a skilled, experienced lighting installation company that can help you make the right choices.

Outdoor Lighting Boosts Curb Appeal

Aside from your own personal enjoyment, landscaping lighting installation ranks highly among advised home upgrades for those looking to increase home value. Well-known statistics have shown that effectively designed exterior lighting, especially lighting that adds functionality, can provide up to 20% to the perceived value of a home. This is just a side benefit, too.

The major value provided when you install landscape lighting is the huge advantage it provides when looking to improve curb appeal. On average, a potential home buyer will judge a home within the first 10 seconds or less when they arrive. This makes your first impression crucial, and well-designed lighting plays very heavily ensuring buyers perceive your home in the best light possible.

Elegant Accents is Your Lighting Company in Tampa

As we move further into the year 2020 you can install landscape lighting to increase your home’s safety, to bolster curb appeal, and to enhance the functionality and beauty of your favorite exterior features. At Elegant Accents we take pride in our ability to provide customized lighting solutions including LED garden lights in Tampa and LED landscape lighting services.

Find out more about how our team can install landscape lighting that will improve your home by calling Elegant Accents today!