How to inspect your landscape lighting system for the summer season.

The installation of landscape lighting is a wonderful way to improve your outdoor living space with only a modicum of effort. In no time at all, your landscape will be enhanced by nightly illumination for better curb appeal, heightened safety, and an enhanced living experience.

Of course, if you want the lighting system and your property to keep looking great, you’ll need to keep it maintained. Let’s look at some inspection tips that you should follow before summer begins.

Inspect the System Sooner Rather Than Later

With so many things going on at once in your personal and professional life, no one’s going to blame you for putting off an inspection of your landscape lighting system. That being said, if you discover any problems such as broken lights, non-functioning lights, or overgrown vegetation, it may take some time to get the issue fixed. Plus, it’s easier to check everything out before the weather heats up too much.

Test Lights and Timer

The first thing you should do is test to make sure all the lights are working properly. If you find any bulbs that have become damaged or broken, you’ll want to get those fixed by a professional right away. Many homeowners keep their lights on a timer, if that’s the case on your property, make small adjustments to its settings and then check to see that they’re turning on and off as they should. Same goes for testing motion detection if you’ve set that up.

Check All of the Wiring

Inclement weather is a common reason you may have frayed or otherwise damaged wires, but spring brings out more animals, so that may be the culprit as well. Even if all of the lights seem to be working properly, it’s a good idea to carefully inspect all of the wires. Even if none of the wires have become damaged, there may be exposed wires because of weather and other reasons. If that’s the case, you’ll need to conceal them yourself or call an expert.

Clean Fixtures and Bulbs

Just like everything else on your property, your landscape lighting fixtures and bulbs will need to be periodically cleaned. When homeowners notice that bulbs have dimmed, they often think there’s something wrong with the bulb itself even though it might just be dirty. Wiping down your light fixtures and bulbs will help keep everything in tip-top shape and properly illuminated.

Trim Your Vegetation

An ongoing (and properly obvious) concern for outdoor landscape lighting is the presence of too much vegetation. It doesn’t take long for plants and shrubs to become overgrown and block illumination. The good news is that when this becomes a problem, it’s generally very easy to find the problem areas. If it’s been a while since you’ve done any trimming – or hired a crew for the job – make sure you get it done before summer arrives.

Check the Connections

Another common problem that can cause lights to stop working or only operate intermittently is having a loose connection. Make sure that the power supply and all the wires are properly connected where they need to be. Many maintenance calls are solved by no more than tightening connections that have become loose because of weather, animals, and other issues.

Consider an Upgrade 

If it’s been a while since you made any changes to your landscape lighting system or you simply think it’s time for an upgrade, it’s always something to consider. Before summer arrives, you may want to switch out the colors of your bulbs to give the landscape an entirely new look. Solar lighting is another popular option for modern homeowners. Or, you may want to contact a lighting design expert and have them install fancier fixtures along with making other changes.

Schedule Needed Repairs

As with other businesses, the summer season can get quite busy for lighting installation experts because people are often more relaxed and want to finish a variety of projects. We’d suggest that you schedule any needed repairs or other maintenance needs prior to the new season. This will help ensure that your landscape will look great for the summer and beyond.

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