Landscape lighting ideas for your property.

You may be looking to place your home on the market in the near future, or maybe you’re simply a proud homeowner that wants to maximize the aesthetic appeal of your property. Either way, looking to add landscape lighting is always a wise investment.

Here are a few ideas for landscape lighting to take your home’s look and functionality to the next level.

Ideas for Landscape Lighting to Enhance Your Tampa Home’s Exterior

In the right hands, outdoor lighting installation can be pure art. Incorporate lighting with your home’s overall exterior design to create visual interest, bolster curb appeal, and add a considerable amount of functionality that either you or a buyer will appreciate.

  • Use down and uplighting to make your home’s best features stand out – Make your favorite outdoor features shine with a good mix of landscape lighting ideas like uplighting a pergola, patio, or particularly appealing landscape trees or garden areas to provide a huge increase in visual appeal.
  • Make use of patio lighting – Incorporating effective patio lighting adds both form, function, and serves well to bolster the visual interest of a space you likely invested in heavily.
  • Boost outdoor safety with effective lighting design – Lighting is great for both adding beauty and increasing outdoor safety. Proper new lighting installation along walkways, stairs, and the driveway can reduce the risk of tripping and injury in the evenings.
  • Enhance security with motion lighting – Motion-activated lights have been proven as an excellent deterrent for vandalism and theft. They’re cost-efficient to implement and a quick project if you connect with the right landscape lighting specialist.

Shift to LED Landscape Lighting

Outdoor LED lights outlast their inferior lighting counterparts by years, use a tenth of the wattage, and offer up a superiorly clean and bright look—it’s no wonder that they’ve become the exterior lighting preference for most lighting companies, exterior designers, and home staging specialists. If you’ve been mulling over what lighting project to pursue, this is the one we recommend most! Even just a simple conversion to LED can provide energy savings and the cleaner light can make your home stand out.

Why Landscape Lighting Will Boost Home Value

When a homeowner is in the process of selling a home, there is always a period of preparation through renovation, remodeling, or general home improvement. The idea is to aim for smart and efficient investments that feature a high return, low cost, and ease of implementation.
Consider these stats:

  • Most buyers form an opinion about a home within the first 7-10 seconds of arriving.
  • In 2018, 50% of home buyers found the property they purchased online.
  • Outdoor lighting projects offer an average of over 50% ROI and offer even more benefits through initial impressions and overall curb appeal.</li?

What do these tell you? By checking the stats you can easily tell that you have to make a strong first impression and it starts right as the buyer pulls up to the curb or clicks on your home online. Artful use of exterior lighting can make your home appear more attractive, safer, and more secure—not many other projects can do all three at once.

More Ideas for Landscape Lighting and Lighting Installation in Tampa

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Learn more about our other ideas for landscape lighting, or contact our lighting specialist in Tampa today for other lighting projects.