What are the advantages and benefits of LED garage door lights?


Lighting installation in Tampa has become increasingly popular as homeowners try to find new and exciting ways to upgrade their homes. From deck lighting to LED garden lights, residents are having a wonderful time finding designs, styles, and functionalities that fit them best.

One simple addition that you can make to your home is the installation of garage door lights. You may feel as if these aren’t a huge deal, but once you understand the benefits that these lights bring to your home, this could end up being your next home improvement project.

LED Garage Door Lights Lower Energy Usage

If you’re interested in lowering your carbon footprint – which you absolutely should be – then LED garage lighting is the way to go. LED lights use much less energy than traditional light bulbs. To give you an example, you can get the same amount of lumens from a 13-watt LED light as you would from a 60-watt traditional bulb. This also means, of course, that you’ll save money on your energy bills each month, which is often a big enough reason for homeowners to make the switch.

Much Longer Lifespan

When LED lights first came out, most people were probably incredulous when they were told how long the lights would last. Traditional incandescent bulbs typically have an operational lifespan of approximately 1000 hours. This definitely isn’t too shabby, but it certainly can’t compare to LED lights, which can last upwards of 25,000 hours or more (sometimes A LOT more). This means that you won’t need to switch them out nearly as often, which is another way they save you money.

LED Garage Lights Won’t Burn Out Quickly

Everyone has experienced a light bulb that is working just fine one moment and then suddenly burns out without warning. This is annoying, to say the least, especially if you don’t have any replacement bulbs on hand. LED garage door lightswork differently. They very slowly lose their brightness over a long period of time. This means you’ll have plenty of warning that the lights are reaching their expiration date and need to be replaced.

Even Light Distribution

LED lights operate differently than other types of bulbs because they distribute light with the use of multiple diodes along with individual optics. This differs from a setup that uses a single bulb and reflectors within the fixture. What does this mean in layman’s terms and how does it affect your garage lighting? It simply means that the light emitted from the LED diodes will be more evenly distributed, which will allow for a better appearance and safety.

Provides Added Security

As a homeowner, your biggest priority is to keep your loved ones and property safe. Any time you can add lighting to an area of your property, you’ll decrease the chances that a person with nefarious intentions will approach the home, whether it’s to harm someone, steal something, or vandalize the home. Adding garage door lights will also help family members feel safer whenever they go out to the garage or arrive home late at night. Plus, it prevents certain spots from being darker than others.

Less Fragile Than CFL

Before LED lights started gaining in popularity, many people had been switching from traditional light bulbs to CFL bulbs. These bulbs lasted longer and were more energy-efficient without costing much more than incandescent bulbs. Unfortunately, they discovered that certain CFL bulbs were often quite fragile. Even just the slightest drop could cause them to shatter. While LED lights aren’t indestructible, they’re definitely a lot sturdier and harder to break than CFL bulbs.

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