How exterior lighting design impacts your light effectiveness.

Homeowners across the state of Florida take great pride in the appearance of their homes and are always looking for ways to improve curb appeal. This is a big reason why LED landscape lighting has been making such huge strides across the state. This strategy provides a simple, cost-effective opportunity to really help your home stand out.

That being said, it’s simply not good enough to stick some lights in your yard and turn them on. What you need is a professional exterior lighting design that will optimize appearance and functionality. Let’s explore some of the ways that proper design impacts the effectiveness of your landscape lights.

Alter Your Home’s Mood

A huge benefit of outdoor landscape lighting is the effect they can have on your home’s overall mood. Improper placement of lights can make your landscape and even your entire home seem a bit dreary or depressing. With the right design and placement, lighting can brighten up a specific area, bring out the landscape’s colors, and add other attributes that will make your home look more appealing.

Great View from Outside

It’s no secret that many people invest in professionally designed landscape lighting because they want their home to look good for not only themselves but also for any visitors as well. Once the sun goes down and the lights kick on, your landscape will be bathed in the proper amount of light and placement of illumination.

Great View from Inside

Many people dream of looking outside their windows and seeing the beach, a peaceful sunset, a glorious city skyline, and many other sights. Just imagine glancing outside and having a beautiful landscape right in your front yard. With professional design and installation, the landscape will always look its best.

Create Focal Points

Although floodlighting is effective in certain areas of your landscape, the last thing you want to do is bathe the entire area in harsh light. Creating focal points, such as a certain tree or water structure, is a wonderful way to take advantage of the installed lighting. In fact, that’s probably one of the reasons why LED garden lights have become so popular in the Tampa Bay area.

Provide a Sense of Depth

Outdoor lighting will make no difference if your home’s landscape is going to look flat and boring. New installations and tweaks to existing lighting will be designed in such a way that it creates a sense of depth. This is accomplished by placing the lights in strategic spots that highlight the differences between the foreground and background.

Provide Ample Security

Tampa landscape lighting isn’t just for the appearance of your home. It can also be used to provide security and peace of mind. Depending on the way your landscape is set up, lighting design may include floodlights in certain areas and concentrated lighting in others. Without proper design, areas of your landscape may not be properly illuminated for household members and visitors.

Greet Incoming Guests

When you have guests over, whether it’s for a party or simply a friend stopping by to say hello, it’s certainly nice when your home appears to be warm and inviting. Many homeowners concentrate on the interior of their house, but the exterior is the first thing a visitor will see. With proper lighting design, you’ll create a welcoming atmosphere before they step one foot inside your home.

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