How outdoor patio lighting enhances your property.

A patio installed around the exterior of your Tampa home is one of the most efficient and effective ways of boosting your outdoor living quality of life. Patios are perfect for entertaining family, friends, work peers, and more! When the sun goes down, does the party have to end? Not if you’ve enhanced your space with beautiful, customized patio lighting!

Address Functionality First

Outdoor lighting installations can make your gorgeous home shine. However, finishing a lighting project only to find that you can’t actually see much of anything is extremely demoralizing. Not to mention an inefficient use of your budget!
Before you start enhancing your space for aesthetic reasons, first install functional lighting that will provide safety and functionality for your family and visitors.

  • Recessed LED lights – Recessed lighting is ideal for illuminating a balmy Gulf Coast night. The brightness of LED provides you with all of the lumens you need to keep the evening going, while the recessed nature of the lights keeps them well out of the way. This means ample room to add more decorative patio lighting.
  • Lantern or standing patio lighting – Directional standing or pillar light sources can offer up the task lighting you’re looking for for an outdoor kitchen area or patio space where clear lighting is important.
  • Step lighting – Over one million people injure themselves on the stairs every year, and one of the most common causes is a lack of adequate lighting. Don’t turn your patio steps into a trap! Make sure they’re well-lit before you do anything else with outdoor patio lighting.

Create Something Beautiful

Once basic lighting needs have been met, either on your own or with the help of a landscape lighting specialist in Tampa, you can move on to the really fun part. In the right hands lighting is an art form and you can achieve a dynamic range of effects through its proper application. Layering lighting, meshing ground-level, and suspended outdoor patio lighting, using down lighting to play up your favorite patio features—your options are nearly limitless.
If you’re hunting for inspiration, here are a few of our favorites:

  • Overhead bistro lights – Bistro-style string lights hanging overhead provide additional functional light sources with a sense of ambiance that is perfect for small get-togethers and outdoor family dinners alike.
  • Dynamic lighting – Decorative uplighting for outdoor patio lighting is best used to put the spotlight on particular features that you adore around your patio. If you invested in stunning pillars, or you’re particularly proud of a nearby tree or shrub, uplighting can enhance these features and make them stand out as a gleaming centerpiece.
  • Hanging lantern lighting – Hanging lanterns are wonderful for outdoor patio lighting, and particularly when used primarily as a decoration. These can be used to further add to the beauty of particular areas of the patio or can serve as a great decoration all on their own.
  • Patio pool lighting – Here in Tampa, patios, and pools go hand in hand. Lighting can serve as the ideal means to mesh your two favorite outdoor features by creating a uniform and appealing lighting design that adds functionality, safety, and beauty all at once.

Outdoor Patio Lighting and LED Landscape Lighting in Tampa

As one of the most favored outdoor spaces for any Tampa homeowner, the patio at your Tampa home should be outfitted with the best. In terms of new installation quality, products, and experience, you’ll find no better than Elegant Accents Lighting. For decades our Tampa landscape lighting specialists have been offering the utmost in outdoor lighting projects and services.

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