Why are dock lights so important to dock safety?

With the highest number of recreational boats in the United States, Florida is the number one spot for anyone wanting to own a boat of their very own. Although many residents haul their boat from their home to the shore whenever they want to take it out, it’s a lot more convenient if you have your own dock or keep your vessel at a Marina. To spruce things up and improve safety, you may want to consider the installation of dock lighting.

How Dock Lights Improve Safety

With any type of landscape lighting, you can expect an overall improvement in safety. If you’re planning to go boating after dark, you’ll be able to see the dock more clearly when you bring the vessel in, which will help avoid accidents. Plus, it will be easier for you and your guests to make your way around the boat without the fear of tripping or slipping on the dock.

Dock Lights Improve Security

Boats are very valuable, which means they can be targeted by thieves. Even if you’re not afraid that someone would steal the boat itself, someone could get inside and basically take anything that isn’t nailed down. Not only will dock lights deter crime, but they’ll also help security cameras get a better look at any trespassers.

Underwater Dock Lighting Safety

Some boat owners opt for the installation of underwater LED dock lights. Like all other types of LED landscape lighting, these bulbs will typically last more than 50,000 hours and use much less energy than traditional bulbs. The type of underwater lighting that you’ll need to install will depend on how murky the water is, because you must ensure that the lights will be able to penetrate the water well enough to make them effective.

Aesthetics and Visual Impact

Even if your primary goal is to improve the safety and security of your boat and the surrounding area, the truth is that many people install dock lights simply for the improved visual appeal. These lights improve the overall aesthetic, which will make the dock itself, and even the vessel much of the time, more attractive. With LED lights, you’ll have a variety of styles to choose from, which means that you can make the dock lights unique.

Creates a Wonderful Mood

Inviting friends out for a day of boating is an absolutely wonderful way to spend a weekend or even an afternoon. If you’re planning to spend time with friends or family at night, however, then you should definitely install dock lights to set the mood. This is also a great idea if you have the dock all to yourself and plan to have friends and family hang out on your boat or somewhere nearby.

Colored Lights Direct Traffic

A nifty way that you can use above-ground dock lights is for direction. If you’re planning to come in after dark, there’s always a danger that you won’t be able to see the dock properly and may bump into it, causing damage to the dock and your boat. A good strategy is to set up green lights where you’re supposed to go and red lights in the areas you need to avoid.

Avoid Tall, Bright Dock Lights

Dock lighting is a great way to improve the safety and appearance of your dock, but you want to avoid installing tall, bright lights. These types of lights can blind you as you’re bringing the boat in and you may not be able to see the edge of the dock. As a general rule, above-ground dock lights should be installed between 24 and 35 inches high.

Be Aware of Those Around You

Some of the choices you make with dock lighting will depend on your particular situation. If you have neighbors that might be bothered by the installation of dock lights, you may want to check with them to see how they feel about it. For boats that are docked at a Marina, there may be lighting rules that must be followed. You should figure all of this out before installation occurs if only to keep the peace.

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