How to Resolve Issues with Commercial Landscape Lighting Systems


The installation of commercial landscape lighting is a fantastic way to instantly improve the look and visual appeal of your business property. Like all things, however, you can sometimes experience malfunctions and other problems with the lighting system. We’re here today to help you troubleshoot some of the issues that you might experience with your commercial landscaping lighting, so let’s get started:

Lights Won’t Turn On

If all of the lights aren’t working, this may be the easiest thing to fix or the most difficult. That’s because there are several possibilities causing this issue.

Here are some things you can try to get your lights working again:

  • Check the transformer to make sure that it’s set to the ON position.
  • Check the transformer’s voltage and amperage to see if the lights are getting power.
  • Check the wires that go to the transformer to see if they’re tight and fully fit inside the terminal lugs.
  • Either hit the timer’s reset button or bypass the photocell to see if it’s working.
  • If the outlet has a ground fault circuit interrupter – that’s the little red button – push it to reset the outlet.
  • See if any of the switches in the breaker box are in the middle. If so, switch it off and then back on to see if it returns to the middle again. If it does, then you have a short somewhere.

A Lighting Section Isn’t Working

If only a section of lights isn’t working, this can be just as troublesome as none of the lights working. You can start off by checking to see if any of the transformer’s switches have tripped. If one has tripped and then it repeats after you turn it back on, you may have a short that you’ll either need to locate yourself or hire a professional to find it for you.

Some Lights Aren’t Working

If only some of the landscape lights stop working, it can be a few different things. First, you should check to see if the bulbs are properly fitted inside the sockets.

Next, make sure that the socket is providing power to the lights. You may also want to check the cable connector to see if the pins have gone through the insulation and into the copper strand. Finally, if you’re using incandescent bulbs, take a look inside the bulb and see if any of the wires have broken.

Lights Are Too Dim

If the landscape lights are working but appear to be dim, you may get lucky and discover that the bulb(s) are simply loose. If that’s the case, all you’ll need to do is tighten the bulb inside the socket. If that’s not the case, you may have too many lights for the amount of voltage that’s going to them.

In this scenario, you’d need to simply increase the voltage of the system. It’s also possible that the lights are using too much wattage, so check that, too. For halogen bulbs, take a look at the light fixture’s voltage at the end of the grouping. If the voltage is under 10 volts, you’ll need to either give it more power or remove some of the lights.

Transformer Problems

If some of the other suggestions don’t go anywhere, check your transformer for potential problems. You can do this in three different ways:

  • Recalculate the wattage to make sure that the transformer can properly handle the lights.
  • Check the copper strands to see if they’re touching at the end of the cable. If they are, that will cause a problem with the transformer.
  • Take a look at the fixture connection points to see if there’s a short.

Malfunctioning Timer

Timers are a wonderful little invention, but can be quite annoying when they begin to malfunction. The good news is that it’s not difficult to check to see if this is the problem. Simply reset the timer, set it up again, and then see what happens. If the lights still don’t go on when they’re supposed to, then your timer will likely need to be replaced.

Check for Shorts

There are multiple reasons a short may be causing lights to go out and they can be a little tricky to find. What you’ll need to do is walk around the property and check each light for wires that have been cut, broken, stretched, or improperly connected. Also, check for any damaged sockets. If you have any trouble doing this yourself, call a professional lighting technician to check the property.

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