Your lighting decisions can either make or break your home and outdoor decor in your custom home so consider these tips for the perfect ambiance.

Designing and building your own custom home can be fun and intriguing, but the process can be daunting, turning an exciting project into a nerve-racking ordeal. Every detail has to be figured out, which can make the experience less than pleasant. Sometimes, it helps to focus on areas of your home that aren’t as stressful, such as the lighting design.

Choosing the right lighting is an equally important aspect of home design as many of your other custom home decisions. You have to determine if you want landscape lighting to illuminate your outdoor landscape design or if you want to shy away from outdoor lighting and instead focus on indoor architectural lighting. The beauty of designing a custom home is that it’s all up to you!

Here are a few lighting design tips to help make choosing your lighting design easier.

1. Find Purpose in Your Choices

Lights are designed to do multiple things, such as highlight artwork, provide ambiance, and contribute to the overall decor of your house, but their main purpose is to illuminate a particular room or area. Some people get carried away with the areas they put lights and the type of lights they use. If you have a room in your home where you plan to spend evenings relaxing, then a light with a dimmer switch would be optimal.

2. Consider the Atmosphere Created

Obviously, bright fluorescent lights will create a completely different atmosphere than warm recessed lights. Think of your favorite restaurants – those with a romantic setting tend to have dimmed lighting, while the more upbeat eateries are brightly lit. The same goes for a doctor’s office or grocery store, which tend to have brighter lights. Decide what atmosphere you want in the rooms in your custom home and make your lighting design decisions from there.

3. Show Off Wall Art

The illuminations you choose can also be used to shed light on your favorite photos and artwork. These accent lights can be placed underneath or above the portraits to add a nice touch. This will also make them a focal point for anyone who ventures through your halls. So if you were contemplating enlarging a painting or photograph to make it stand out, consider accent lights instead.

4. Creating Art Using Lights

You can add a bit of drama to your decor by using lights as art themselves. For instance, you can have backlighting installed behind a textured glass. If you have a water feature in your home or lawn, a light can be added to give it a wow factor.

5. Don’t Forget About Windows

There are more ways you can illuminate your home than with artificial lights. You can add in windows into the rooms to bring in plenty of sunshine during the day. This can also help to reduce your light bill. Make an effort to orient certain rooms in areas that will get plenty of natural light.