front door lighting

Adding curb appeal to your home is one way to increase its value. Often overlooked, front door lighting is a key element in adding curb appeal.

Your front door is the first thing someone sees when approaching your home. Great lighting adds beauty, safety, and value.

Not sure where to start when adding lights to the front door? Read on for everything you need to know!

Front Door Lighting

There are three main types of front door lighting:

  • Symmetrical lighting
  • Single pendant over the door
  • Single lighting on one side of the door

There are no hard and fast rules about what size and type of light to use. Here are a few guidelines to make choosing the right front door lighting easier. Once you understand the basics, go find the perfect lighting solution for your front door.

Symmetrical Lighting

Do both sides of the front door look the same? Is there an equal amount of space on either side of the door? Symmetrical lighting works best in this situation.

Look for matching wall sconces. Here’s a trick to help you get the right size lights. Measure the height of the door. Be sure to include the door casing. Look for wall sconces that are one-quarter the size of the measurement.

If your door plus the casing is 100 inches, then choose sconces that are approximately 25 inches tall.

With all lights, choose something that matches the exterior theme of your home. If your home has a light breezy style, don’t choose heavy wrought iron. If you have a large home with brick or stone accents, then wrought iron or other heavy metal is appropriate.

Single Pendant Over the Door

A high-ceilinged entry looks great with a single pendant light over the door. Make sure you don’t live in a windy area if you choose this option. You don’t want a light swinging around at the end of a chain during a heavy breeze!

If you go for this look, buy a light that’s one-fifth the height of the door (plus casing). The light should hang a few inches below the top frame of the door. Make sure a tall person won’t bump his head.

If you have a small porch, a single pendant light attached to the wall over the door is a good option. Make sure the light hangs high enough to be out of the way.

Single Side Light

A lantern hanging on one side of the door works great where space is limited and there’s no overhead surface. Hang the light on the door-knob side. This increases visibility when opening the front door at night.

When using a single light on the side of the door, make it approximately one-third the height of the door.

Safety and Security

Front door lighting offers safety and security. A well-lit home deters burglars. It makes it easier for you to get your key in the door without fumbling around in the dark.

Good outdoor lighting reduces personal liability because visitors are less likely to trip on a well-lit porch.

The Perfect Look

The right front door lighting adds value and security to your entryway. Light fixtures are the perfect way to add beauty and drama while increasing your home’s value.

There are lights for every budget and style. So don’t wait on this easy upgrade. Isn’t it time you took your curb appeal to the next level?

Contact an expert to help find the custom solution for your outdoor lighting needs. Click here to learn more.