fall display ideas

The summer drawing to a close means that America’s favorite season, autumn, is just around the corner.

Autumn means cooler temperatures and shorter days, with the heat receding in most places to a perfect cool. If you’re like many families, the next few months may be filled with fire pits, pumpkin carvings, and other fall treats.

If you’re going to be spending time outside of your home and around your yard these coming months, there’s a number of decor and elegant outdoor lighting design ideas you can implement. Below, we’ll go over five of our favorite fall display ideas.

1. String Lights Up Above

One of the simplest but most effective ways to bring ambiance into an outdoor space is to decorate with cafe string lights.

These lights are hung high above in your backyard and provide just enough light to brighten things up without ruining the cozy atmosphere. Their simple design also means that they can mesh well anywhere, and with almost any type of home or yard.

You can find them affordably at big-box stores, or you can get more durable heavy-duty versions from a specialty lighting company.

2. Use Festive Accents

You can’t go wrong with adding pumpkins, wood, and auburn leaves to your yard to match the new season. These accents can greatly enhance the look and feel of your exterior lighting system.

Colorful wreaths, scarecrows, and other autumn touches can add splashes of warm color to your yard and liven up the festivities. Some of these touches can even serve as lighting additions on their own.

A line of Jack O’ lanterns leading the way up to the front door, for example, is a great way to illuminate your home’s walkway.

3. Illuminate Your Garden Spaces

While you’ll most commonly see string lights hung between elevated surfaces, that’s not the only place they can make a strong impression. Another perfect setting is a bit closer to the ground: your garden!

Running string lights through dense, sturdy plants such as English ivy can give your yard an effervescent glow. Lighting ground cover can create a magical and peaceful feeling in your front or backyard.

It also saves you the trouble of having to pull the ladder out of the garage again!

4. Deck Out Your Trees

When it comes to creating a beautiful front or backyard setting, it’s in your best interest to utilize what nature has already given you.

Working your lighting design alongside or around tree trunks is a great way to do this. Wrap string lights around tree trunks to create an enchanting setting. Or, hang small portable lights from branches for a charming addition to your space.

Not only will these additions create a beautiful environment, they’ll highlight and portray your trees in the best light possible.

5. Create Homemade Chandeliers

All you need for the perfect DIY backyard decoration is some grapevine balls and twine. Combined with white lights, these grapevine balls make a perfect rustic setpiece for your backyard or patio.

Easy to make and affordable to boot, a homemade chandelier is a great addition to any yard, and the do-it-yourself aspect provides a great story to tell guests.

Fall Display Ideas For Your Home

The above are just a few fall display ideas that can transform your home to match the magic of the season. Autumn is one of the most wonderful times of the year, and spending time outdoors in an enchanting environment of your own creation is one of the best ways to spend these precious months.

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