Many people take landscape lighting for granted. No doubt, most enjoy their neighbors’ Tampa landscape lighting designs, but they worry about the costs and efforts involved with installing their own.

Custom outdoor lighting adds decoration to your home and provides a feeling of safety, even on the darkest night. A properly lit home exterior will help you relax upon arriving home at the end of a long day. Indeed, landscape lighting methods are becoming more and more popular, and it is easier to choose the right one for your home.

1. Light Emitting Diode (LED) Landscape Lighting

LEDs are an inexpensive option for your garden lighting needs. Since many people now prefer to use an outdoor area for relaxing at night, LED lighting can be a great addition. Light emitting diodes are just right for your driveway, garden, or pathway. They are environmentally friendly and safe from any harmful hazardous materials. LED lighting can also be positioned strategically and can light up objects in your landscape design. LED lighting is quite economical, since the LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours. This is much longer than the standard incandescent or halogen bulb.

2. Solar Landscape Lighting

Solar lighting will certainly save on your electric bills. Since the sun is the power source of these lights, electricity is not needed for this type of lighting. While this may offer you the freedom of placement in your landscape design, exposure to direct sunlight is crucial. Direct sunlight will offer the best lighting results. Also make sure to choose lights that are stainless steel, durable, and all-weather resistant.

3. Garden Lighting

Having a garden beautifully made at home can be a treat after a long day’s work. Growing a home garden has proven to be fruitful for many people, and adding the perfect landscape lighting can create a relaxing effect as well. Underwater lighting is particularly gorgeous. Place these in your decorative pond or fountain. Using solar-powered lampshades can also add beauty. So even if there is no electric source near your garden, using solar lighting is practical and economical.

4. Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

Aside from solar light, another economic choice is low-voltage landscape lighting. Conserving energy and money at the same time is possible when you use this type of light for your outdoor needs. Choose from three types of low-voltage sources, depending on your design. First, you can opt to have accent lights, which feature specific areas of your landscape. Additionally, there is pathway lighting, which is the lowest voltage you can have. It can be positioned to give either a downward or upward glow. Finally, there are the mood-setting lights. These would be perfect for setting the right ambiance for a special occasion. One thing to consider here, though, is to choose weather-resistant low-voltage lighting for your outdoor needs.

5. Deck Lighting

Deck lighting is classy and just right for any time of year. When decks are used at night, proper lights can help create the right setting for your event. Lighting your deck will also ensure safety. Be intentional with your lights so that you not flood your deck and hinder your ability to enjoy the scenery around you.

Use any of these lights or a combination of them in your Tampa landscape lighting plan, and you can create something truly spectacular.