Although the spring season in many parts of Tampa, Florida varies depending on the last frost, the upcoming month of April is the time to explore the great outdoors. The winter is slowly letting go, the weather is becoming milder, and the days longer – a perfect combination to spend more time outside and reduce stress.

Since you are going to be spending more time outside in this period of the year, ensure that your backyard, garden, and front yard are well-lit. Landscape lighting is a cost-effective and easy way of casting a captivating spell on your outdoor space. Here are awesome and unique spring landscape lighting ideas that will not only illuminate your setting but also create a relaxing mood:

1. Glowing Shells

If you live places like Tampa, landscape lighting can be made into a very creative endeavor. You can use things like oversized shells for lighting. These shells will create a romantic mood for you and your partner. “Lion’s Paw” shells would be perfect for this setting because they look good, they are large, and are inexpensively available from seashores, souvenir shops, and online auctions.

To achieve a shimmering shell arrangement, fill a tray with white sand and arrange pairs of shells on them. Place a large votive candle in the middle of each shell pair ensuring that you leave room for flames to glitter safely. Place this tray on the table, and enjoy a peaceful drink on your patio.

2. String Lighting

String lights are also an easy and inexpensive way of adding glimmer to your backyard and garden. Just string them up, plug in the power source, and you are ready for a comfortable night outside. What’s fun about string lights is that they come in different types and designs including pepper lights, the nostalgic Edison bulb lights, mini lantern lights, and more.

Ensure that all electrical outlets have a ground-fault circuit interrupter and weatherproof box cover for safety purposes. Alternatively, you can choose outdoor-rated solar string lights to save on energy costs.

3. Fire and Ice Lighting

This illumination masterpiece can be created by placing a glass vase inside another slightly larger one, and pouring colored water in between them. Next, you have to place large and lovely pillar candles inside the glass vase to properly anchor the interior. For best results, make a series of these centerpieces in different shades but of the same hue.

4. Lanterns

Lanterns are a great source of outdoor lighting because they are easy to move, are inexpensive, set the perfect mood, and come in a wide range of styles. Depending on how much light you want and your preference, you can find lanterns that either use LED lights, candles, or kerosene.

5. Strips of Hidden LED Lights

Placing LED strip lights under your furniture and along the base of your outdoor stairs is an easy but mind-blowing way to brighten up your backyard or patio. It makes the space around you safer and creates a modern look that totally transforms your outdoor area.

Make your home more charming and eye-catching with these simple landscape lighting ideas. Enjoy your spring!