pool lighting

Did you know you can completely transform your next outdoor pool party by incorporating a little creativity into the lighting selection?

You can convey many messages just through the lighting you choose. Create a party atmosphere, a romantic setting or a fun kid-friendly color lighting scheme!

Let’s take a look at 5 bright ideas for outdoor pool lighting that’ll bump your gatherings up to the next level.

1. Underwater Color Lighting

Give your kids or party guests a fun experience by installing underwater lighting with a wide range of color.

With your new installation, choose colors that complement each other well. You can go soft and subtle or bright and intense. You can line your pool’s surface with discreet blues and greens or vibrant purples and oranges, depending on your preference.

Whatever color scheme you choose, remember that each color inspires a different feeling in your guest. Check out the psychology of colors to know which colors are right for your pool.

2. Around the Water Pool Lighting

Another option is to go beyond your swimming pool’s edge and expand the lighting to the periphery or chairs around your pool.

Try lining the walkway that leads up to your pool for a cool tunnel effect. Or create designs with your lights on exterior walls or even your pool furniture.

Around-the-pool lighting offers not only an opportunity to liven up the night, but the feature of enhancing your pool safety as people are able to better see where they step.

3. Setting the Mood

Because colors invoke certain emotional states, you can easily set the mood with your lighting choices.

If you’re inviting your sweetie over for a midnight swim, the lighting you choose can bring with it a feeling of warmth, security and a little bit of excitement.

Try soft purples or soothing blues for a more comforting approach. Or you can use deep reds and dark greens for a more intimate setting.

4. Lighting for a Party Atmosphere

For your next evening pool party, liven up the night by selecting lighting that you can switch to pulsate at varying intervals.

Some people go for the more extravagant pools. But you can get a great party effect without all the fuss. Consider throwing in a hanging disco ball with your lighting, and you’ll have yourself a night to remember.

5. Keeping the Buggies at Bay

Another great thing about installing lighting around, and further away from, your pool is that this lures insects away from you and your swim buddies.

While underwater lighting might look really neat, lighting surrounding the pool is more likely to give you the peace of swimming without unwanted guests.

Finding the Brightest Ideas for Pool Lighting

Whether you’re throwing an elaborate party, entertaining your children and their friends or just going for a dip with your sweetheart, the lighting you choose can make all the difference.

If you’re looking for elegant, striking or soothing outdoor lighting for your pool, check us out today.