LED Driveway Lighting Ideas to Improve Your Home

Posted on Apr 25

Why are LED driveway lights a benefit to your landscape? When homeowners decide to upgrade their landscape lighting, they make a lot of changes but often tend to neglect their driveway unless they’re also adding stones or making other big changes to the area. This is a mistake because LED driveways lights can improve your home’s curb appeal and provide other wonderful benefits. To give you an idea of what’s possible, we’ve put together some LED driveway lighting ideas that will make a huge impact: Set Up Lights to Form… Read More


8 Advantages of Dock Lighting Fixtures

Posted on Apr 14

What are the advantages of installing dock lighting fixtures? Boat owners typically take very good care of their vessel, but for whatever reason, they neglect the dock where it’s housed. They don’t think about things such as adding lights to improve the dock’s look and functionality. Today, we’re hoping to change all that by discussing 10 advantages of installing dock lighting fixtures: Landscape Aesthetics As with other types of landscape lighting, the first thing you may notice about dock lighting… Read More


How Much Electricity Do LED Landscape Lights Use?

Posted on Mar 23

How much energy do LED landscape lights use and how will they affect your energy bill?   Landscape lighting systems make a huge impact in the way your property looks and feels whether you’re adding path lights, garden lights, patio lights, driveway lights, or any other type of illumination. As with most other things, of course, the cost of operation is always a concern. This is especially true these days when most homeowners are concerned with their monthly electric bill…. Read More


6 LED Lighting Solutions to Improve Your Home’s Value

Posted on Mar 17

How your home’s value can be improved with LED lighting. Installing LED lighting at your home is a wonderful way to be more energy-efficient and improve the appearance of your front or back yard. What you might not realize is that the installation of LED lights also has the potential to add to the value of your home. There are many different LED styles and designs to choose from, along with many different applications. Let’s take a look at six… Read More


Outdoor Lighting Ideas for the Front of the House

Posted on Feb 12

Front Yard Outdoor Lighting Ideas   There are many different landscape lighting options available for your home. with so many options, it can be difficult to choose the best options for your home. To help you get started on improving the look and functionality of your home, here are some outdoor lighting ideas for the front of your house: Steps and Stairs Adding steps or stairs to the front of your house can definitely give it some charm, but many… Read More


LED Light Security – How to Protect Your Home with LED Lights

Posted on Jan 24

Can you run your security lights all night long? Landscape lighting has become one of the most popular add-ons for homes across America and around the world because of the many benefits that homeowners receive from them. Although appearance is often the key factor in their installation, security is near the top of the list. If you’re looking for a simple way to improve your home’s safety and security, you may want to consider the installation of LED lights. To… Read More


Are LEDs as bright as normal lights?

Posted on Jan 14

How bright are LED lights? Landscape lighting has seen many advancements over the years, but few have been nearly as impactful as the invention of LED lights. These days, millions of homes have chosen LEDs as their light of choice for a variety of reasons. Of course, people always have questions and one of those questions is whether LED lights are as bright as other types of lights. Since we get this question a lot, we thought we’d spend some… Read More


What is the Life Expectancy of LED Lights?

Posted on Dec 20

What is the life span of LED landscape lights? In case you haven’t noticed, LED landscape lighting has become one of the most popular home improvement projects over the past several years. Lighting fixtures not only improve the appearance of your landscape but also offer additional safety and security, help you save money, and are a great way to lower your carbon footprint. As we’ve covered in the past, LED lights have a long-life expectancy due to decreased energy usage…. Read More


Dock Lighting Safety: How Do Dock Lights Improve Safety?

Posted on Dec 10

Why are dock lights so important to dock safety? With the highest number of recreational boats in the United States, Florida is the number one spot for anyone wanting to own a boat of their very own. Although many residents haul their boat from their home to the shore whenever they want to take it out, it’s a lot more convenient if you have your own dock or keep your vessel at a Marina. To spruce things up and improve… Read More


Why Landscape Lighting Needs to be Maintained

Posted on Nov 29

Keep your lighting system working properly with regular maintenance. Your home’s landscape is one of its most important qualities and there are so many options available today that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of everything. Some homeowners opt for an exquisite oasis in their yard, while others set up a small fountain out front and a fully functional kitchen in the back. The problem is that when darkness falls, so does the visibility of your landscape. Therefore, households often… Read More